Friday Fictioneers: Essence

I’m a little rusty after being away so long, but I hope to shake it off soon. One way to do that: Friday Fictioneers! Every week Rochelle posts a picture for inspiration and a bunch of talented writers tell a 100 word story about it based on what they see. The photo below, a very beautiful picture, is from Roger Bultot. My story follows and I hope you enjoy.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“What’s that?”

I glance over at my son, so lost and alone. Guilt lashes me as I’m the reason for his loneliness, but maybe I can fix that. “You remember what I told you about Essence? Watch.”

I stand at the foot of the staircase and push the button on a silver device the size of a paperback.  Pinpoints of light burst into being above where we saw her last. “She’s not gone, just organized…differently.”

“She’s pretty.” Tears streak a face too young to hold so much pain. “She was prettier before.”

I hold him close, my tears mingling with his. “I agree.”

Word count: 103

My inspiration came from a recent loss of a friend and something another friend sent me to help me through:

Thank you for this, AT and thanks to all my friends for coming together.

I love you all.

J. Milburn

Friday Fictioneers: The Real Green Acres

Copyright - Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Jed stretched his arms, breathing in the mountain air. “Ah. This is the life, ain’t that right, woman?”

Kate puttered around the living room, baby on one hip and laundry basket on the other. She eyed him as he sat in his rocker on the porch. “Hey, woman, fetch me a sammich.”

Kate set her burdens down, grabbed a broom, and stalked outside. She took pleasure at Jed’s surprise when she swatted him. A smile creased her face as the bastard went tumbling down the mountain.

Kate picked up her baby. “Time to move to the city, darling.”

Word Count: 98

Friday Fictioneers time again. Every week Rochelle at Addicted to Purple posts a photo and 100 or so intrepid writers craft a 100-word story from it. Head on over and join in the fun!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn

Friday Fictioneers: Making Memories in Mud

Copyright - Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

Maggie and Grace slosh through the morass, flinging mud-pies at each other, while Rebecca and I watch from the fence. “We should tell them.”

Rebecca shakes her head. “We have a few months yet.” She nods at the brown swamp monster children. “Let them be kids for  a while longer.”

I grunt and she pecks my cheek. “In fact, I’m going to make some memories for them to hold on to.” She climbs over the fence, jogs down the hill, and Mommy-tackles Grace in the mud. They laugh, and Becca reaches up to pull Maggie down.

I chuckle and slip through the fence opening.

Word Count: 104

Friday Fictioneers time again. Every week Rochelle hosts around 100 different writers as they give their takes on the photo provided. Click the link below to read some great writers give their 100 word (or slightly more 😉 ) interpretations.

Friday Fictioneers: Who Knows? Might Happen

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau


“This small building, which has stood for centuries, was used by our ancestors as a place of worship.” The guide pointed to the dilapidated pinkish-red structure behind him. “We believe they made personal offerings to the many gods that held sway over humanity in those days.”

Theodosius hung back, waiting with his android companion, AC-Barbie, until the tour group moved down the beach. He grinned and nudged her synthetic flesh. “Go in there and check it out.”

“It’s off-limits, Theo!”

“So what? No one will know.”

She sighed, but did as commanded. “What do you see?” he called.



I really shouldn’t have read that this photo from Dawn at Tales From the Motherland was a picture of a bathroom. Potty humor came to mind because I’m apparently an 8-year-old (that may be being generous) 😉

Head over to Friday Fictioneers and read other writers take on the prompt in 100-words. Join in the fun with your own…I was going to say offering, but in this instance I think story will work better 😀


Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn



Friday Fictioneers: Girl’s Best Friend

Tree Climbing Poppy

Joanie huddled high in the tree, using the canopy as camouflage from the world.

“C’mere, Prince! Here, boy!” Her tiny terrier scampered up the tree with an effortlessness that always made her grin. She wrapped her arms around the pooch and buried her face in his neck. “You must be part cat.”

Angry voices drifted from the house, and Joanie was startled by the sounds of glass shattering and a door slamming. She stared at Prince’s blurred features. “You’ll be my friend, won’t you, boy?” she whispered.

Prince panted and licked away one of her tears.

Word Count: 96

Friday Fictioneers time again. Every week nearly 100 writers join together to offer their 100-w0rd interpretation of a photo provided by the leader of the crew, Rochelle Elise Wisoff-Fields. Head on over and check it out. Feel free to join in the fun!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn