Friday Fictioneers: Making Memories in Mud

Copyright - Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

Maggie and Grace slosh through the morass, flinging mud-pies at each other, while Rebecca and I watch from the fence. “We should tell them.”

Rebecca shakes her head. “We have a few months yet.” She nods at the brown swamp monster children. “Let them be kids for  a while longer.”

I grunt and she pecks my cheek. “In fact, I’m going to make some memories for them to hold on to.” She climbs over the fence, jogs down the hill, and Mommy-tackles Grace in the mud. They laugh, and Becca reaches up to pull Maggie down.

I chuckle and slip through the fence opening.

Word Count: 104

Friday Fictioneers time again. Every week Rochelle hosts around 100 different writers as they give their takes on the photo provided. Click the link below to read some great writers give their 100 word (or slightly more 😉 ) interpretations.


26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Making Memories in Mud

  1. Bitter sweet it seems 🙂

  2. Hi, Now I will lay awake tonight trying to imagine what IT is. Thank you, Silent

  3. I like the flinging mud pies and the brown swamp monsters. Oh my! This does have supernatural feel to it. Nice one!

  4. Oh, the mystery will kill me! Is this a creepy mystery, or a sad one, or real life mystery? The suspense is killing me! Nice job.

  5. I’m thinking maybe a terminal illness? At least they’re making memories to hold onto.
    I like the description of the muddy children as “brown swamp monster(s)”.

  6. Well,good for them-they will have some beautiful memories to hold on to-a good mom,this:-)An interesting piece JM.

    • Thank you! I pictured her as one that would usually disapprove of her children playing like that, but shortened time shifts priorities for many.

      • Oh,that is very true-our perspective changes with changing circumstances and when it does so for the better,it does bring happiness and peace.I liked the way you brought the characters in to play:-)

  7. Lovely family fun, especially in light of impending doom it seems.

  8. Great sense of foreboding here.

  9. Thanks – the mom has good memories I hope. Sad to come. Nan

  10. The memories are what will last. Great story!

  11. Dear Jeremy,

    There’s definitely something coming to change things. I love “mommy-tackles”. So much said in a word. I get the impression these are real children, with real parents and a real crisis on the horizon. It feels like an excerpt from a larger story. Nice one.



  12. Awww…that’s so sweet. None of us know what the future holds; this is a lesson in living for today.

  13. Sad, sweet story of a mother’s love. It felt very real.

  14. This was sad. I had to smile at the mom flinging mud along with them so they could have memories. What a mess 🙂

  15. Swamp Monster Family Fun!

  16. It’s good they can be happy while they have the time, but that’s hard for the parents, knowing that it is all so short. Good piece.

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