Guest Post-HeftyJourney

So here is a guest-post from Hefty Journey. If you like his story, please head over to and check out his blog. If anyone else is interested in guest-posting, feel free to drop me a request.


I lay down in the prison which contained me from the freedom which should’ve been for me by now. Never did I know that this jail term was to be so long.

I’ve tried not to be so hot headed but the other day had been the day in which someone set me off before my big day had arrived.

The release from prison I wanted so badly but things go wrong all the time; what is life, anyways, if we don’t have a downturn every once and a while.

I lay there in bed thinking of what went wrong and I knew the guy above me on my bunk kept bouncing the ball off his ceiling with his left handed perks.

One bounce, two, three bounces took place and even more made me mad and out of it.

I was not going to tolerate the noise any more. I take the bed above me, in my hands, and I shake it furiously;- back and forth, even in reverse motion; his bed being chained to the wall is what I thought would make him notice the annoyance I had with him.

I shook it hard, Harder but then what happened changed the sentence I had forever.

I lifted his bed with my muscle thrusting it above my head and tip it on its side which made him fall out of the bed.

He falls out of the bed, like I wanted him to, but I did not expect what happened next. He falls to the floor in slow motion and his head hits the cement floor first creating unconsciousness within him in seconds.

I looked down in shock and my eyes study his body which lay there in a heap; helpless to himself and for anybody else.

My eyes went left to right and studied him while I jumped out of bed but then the door slams open while two jail guards grab me by the arms and the others examine the guy which lay on the floor.

He piled up like of lifelessness in a dead person but the question that bolted me up the most. Did he die a painful death?

Later on, while I sit in a jail cell full of mist, from the sweat I withheld, until, everything registered in my thick skull of my small jail cell.

Will the person survive and will I be damned for the man slaughter of this guy?

Time will only tell us and I what happens next.