Friday Fictioneers: Essence

I’m a little rusty after being away so long, but I hope to shake it off soon. One way to do that: Friday Fictioneers! Every week Rochelle posts a picture for inspiration and a bunch of talented writers tell a 100 word story about it based on what they see. The photo below, a very beautiful picture, is from Roger Bultot. My story follows and I hope you enjoy.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“What’s that?”

I glance over at my son, so lost and alone. Guilt lashes me as I’m the reason for his loneliness, but maybe I can fix that. “You remember what I told you about Essence? Watch.”

I stand at the foot of the staircase and push the button on a silver device the size of a paperback.  Pinpoints of light burst into being above where we saw her last. “She’s not gone, just organized…differently.”

“She’s pretty.” Tears streak a face too young to hold so much pain. “She was prettier before.”

I hold him close, my tears mingling with his. “I agree.”

Word count: 103

My inspiration came from a recent loss of a friend and something another friend sent me to help me through:

Thank you for this, AT and thanks to all my friends for coming together.

I love you all.

J. Milburn

8 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Essence

  1. Beautiful sentiment, really well expressed.

  2. First of all, nice to see you back… I really love the simplicity in which you tell this story of loss… some complex emotions don’t require that many words to tell, since we can all relate (if not for a real loss, the fear of a loss to come)…

  3. Very sad tale, beautifully written.

  4. This is such a beautiful and thought-provoking piece. The part with the guilt on top makes it slightly mysterious though. And I applaud the way you included science as a source of comfort and as an indicator for the great mysteries and wonders the universe(s) have to offer. We’d never know about if we didn’t constantly question the Whys and Whats.

  5. Dear Jeremy,

    Lovely sentiment. Sorry for your loss.



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