Friday Fictioneers: Girl’s Best Friend

Tree Climbing Poppy

Joanie huddled high in the tree, using the canopy as camouflage from the world.

“C’mere, Prince! Here, boy!” Her tiny terrier scampered up the tree with an effortlessness that always made her grin. She wrapped her arms around the pooch and buried her face in his neck. “You must be part cat.”

Angry voices drifted from the house, and Joanie was startled by the sounds of glass shattering and a door slamming. She stared at Prince’s blurred features. “You’ll be my friend, won’t you, boy?” she whispered.

Prince panted and licked away one of her tears.

Word Count: 96

Friday Fictioneers time again. Every week nearly 100 writers join together to offer their 100-w0rd interpretation of a photo provided by the leader of the crew, Rochelle Elise Wisoff-Fields. Head on over and check it out. Feel free to join in the fun!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Girl’s Best Friend

  1. A good friend to have. Good story.

  2. This was a bittersweet story.. poor little girl

  3. awwww bless her heart. At least she has her friend.

  4. As a girl who climbed a lot of trees in my youth…..”using the canopy as camouflage from the world”…this brings a warm wave of sweet nostalgia.

  5. Jeremy, what a wonderful story. Not the fact that the parents didn’t get along, but that the girl had a friend. As the song says, “We all need a friend.”


  6. The best friend to have when you grow up like that. She was luckier than she knows.

  7. Very sweet story. Well done.

  8. Oh, good doggie! We should all have a friend like that….

  9. Dear Jeremy,

    With few words you made my heart ache. Well done…very well done.



  10. Glad she had a good friend to help get her through what must have been a miserable childhood at times.

  11. Poor little kiddie. At least she has a friend to help her through, and a place to hide.

  12. A very real story, Jeremy. One suggestion though, you might consider changing “Joanie started at the sounds of glass shattering” to “Joanie was startled by the sound of glass shattering.” Just a thought.

  13. This is heartbreaking, but as a life-long pet person, I can attest to the healing companionship animals give us.

  14. Lucky girl to have a tree that hides her and a dog that loves her – them against the world.

  15. Awww, that was a lovely story. Sad undercurrent, but lovely just the same.

  16. The one sentence describing the arguing and crashing in the house speaks volumes. I’m grateful that Joanie has a loving puppy and an oasis she can go to.

  17. The love of a dog! There is little in this world that matches it!

  18. a sad and sweet story. i’m glad she found a friend.
    happy 2014 🙂

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