Be Back Soon

I’ve been away for a while due to “technical difficulties.” I finally found a moment to drop a quick note to say I’ll be back full-force soon. I’ve been missing everyone and can’t wait to be back full-time.

I apologize to my readers and thank you for your patience.

I’ll see you soon.

J. Milburn

And The Winner Is…

A week ago I posted a poll asking what world/characters I should expand to novel form. The winner is…

Her Majesty’s Ranger.

You can find my first two forays into that world here.

Thank you to all who voted! I’ll give periodic updates as I progress in the story.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn

Trifextra #100: The First Time I Saw…

The first time I saw you, so small in my hand, I felt joy, fear, love. You have grown now. Where life will take you, I don’t know. Just know, for all my faults, I love you, son.

Word Count: 38


For Trifextra Week 100. This week:

We are asking for a 33-word response to the following snippet:

The first time I saw. . .

Here’s the catch: all of your 33 words must be one syllable each.  We’re going low-brow on your this week.  Or not.  Can you class it up under these restrictions?  Give us your best.

To clarify, we are giving you 5 words.  We want another 33 from you, for a grand total of 38.

Head over to Trifecta and check out the other responses to the prompt. Feel free to join in!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn





Note: I Am The Law!

We interrupt your regular reading schedule for a little “shameless self-promotion.”

The Finish That Thought #27 challenge should open tonight at midnight and run for 24 hours (all day Tuesday). As last week’s winner, I am serving as the judge for the writing part and the “special” challenge. Head on over to the Musings of Alissa Leonard a little later and take part. I’d love to see some familiar names (although I will be a fair and impartial judge 😀 ). I imagine it will go something like this:

This has been a little “shameless self-promotion.” We now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.

MindLoveMisery Prompt 37-Unavoidable Pain


credit: MindLoveMisery

I sit here staring at this prompt, mind blank. I’ve put it off all day, not because I don’t know what to write, but because I don’t want to write. Not on this.

But life isn’t like that, is it? It doesn’t let me pick and choose what it throws at me, so why is this so difficult? I could choose to not do this prompt, it isn’t like I’ve signed a contract or something, but I like to write and I won’t let two little words scare me off from doing so.

I think some of the difficulty I’m experiencing comes from the faces, past and future, swirl my thoughts. My grandparents, except for one, gone. The creeping knowledge that as I age, so does the rest of my family and that their time will come too soon. It’s always too soon, right?

Then there are the thoughts of my boys growing up and experiencing their own trials, tribulations, and losses. Those thoughts present themselves with the undertone of a persistent fear they may not get to experience those things at all. I can’t imagine the pain a parent who loses a child goes through, and I hope I never have to find out, but the fear is there.

Some of the problem comes from the fact that this prompt asks for me. It asks that I let you in somewhat. I could write a story about heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, or something else that fits those two words. I’ve done it before, and will do it again. But it asks for me, not the writer me.

Finally, the main part of the problem is that the answer to “show unavoidable pain” is ridiculously easy, yet too huge to pen. Millions upon millions of words have been written on the subject: Life.

Life is unavoidable pain, and the kicker is, the reverse isn’t necessarily true. There is no unavoidable joy. We will lose someone, have our hearts broken, watch loved ones suffer. If we choose to withdraw from all of that, cut all ties to everything that may cause us pain, we suffer from the pains of loneliness and despair. We aren’t built to be alone all the time. There’s a reason solitary confinement is a punishment.

Pain isn’t avoidable at all, no matter how we may try to hide from it or soften the blow. Joy is something we must manufacture, and sometimes we have to work damn hard at it. Some poor souls may never know it, and that itself is painful to understand.

Yet, we have to face that pain, for if we don’t then it consumes and destroys. I didn’t want to write this post and lay bare some (just some) of my fears, but I like creating more than I like hiding.

My ramblings are done, for now at least. Thank you to all who read this, or any of my other works. Your eyes and words are one of the joys I cling to. May your joys far outweigh your pain in the balance of your life.

J. Milburn

For MindLoveMisery.