Speakeasy #144: Moving On

“Why do you do this to yourself every year?” The voice, roughened from years of chain-smoking, blared through the receiver. “I’m not gonna to tell you what you want to hear.”

Luke stared at the scrawny man wearing an orange jumpsuit tied at the waist, wife-beater covering his lack of chest. A black spider-web spun from the neck down to the shoulder, its creator dangling down on what a generous person would call a bicep. “New tattoo, I see, Jerry.”

Jerry sneered through the partition separating them. “You want to waste your time with small talk? Fine.” The sneer turned to leer. “How’s your sister? Ooops, that’s right…she’s dead.”

Casey walks to the subway after her shift at the restaurant, tired, but happy at the tips for the evening. Every little bit helps in her quest for a new car to match her shiny new license. A pair of feral eyes watches her…stalks her, waiting for the right moment to pounce. “Give me your cash, bitch.”

Her eyes widen at the glint of metal in the dim street-light, and she realizes how alone she is at the moment. She hands over her earnings with shaky hands, her twinkling eyes dulled by terror. The monster, undaunted by her cooperation, slashes. Crimson flies as she slumps, her body pulling her death along to jut from her breast. Coward’s steps echo as Jerry strides away, counting the stained bills in his hand.

Luke shook off the scenario he’d constructed and replayed thousands of times since that night. Lips quirked into the approximation of a smile. “Nice try, Jerry.” He leaned back, stretching out the cord of the phone attached to the side panel. “In the past, that might have been enough to make me storm out of here.”

“Guess you finally grew a pair, huh?” Jerry chuckled, a dry wheeze that turned into a wracking cough.

Luke waited, sure more was coming. Jerry didn’t disappoint. The murderer put his hand to his forehead in a mock swoon. “Oh, my sister! Why? Why did you do it? Just tell me and I’ll leave you alone forever! Please!” His face screwed up as if he were crying, whimpering sounds finishing the performance.

“Luke, you’re giving this bastard too much power over you.” Hurt traces a gleaming path down Sylvia’s cheek. “It’s been ten years! You can’t keep doing this to yourself.”

“Some things can’t be forgotten.” The words sound hollow, even to him. He thinks of all the nights spent wondering, the difficulties in connecting, and the patience of his girlfriend as she soothes him when the nightmares strike.

“No they can’t, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be accepted.” His eyes flare and she strokes his cheek. “Can you even think of Casey anymore without his face there? Do you really want him forever tied to your memory of her? Don’t let that night take two lives away.”

“Don’t let it take our life together away,” she whispers.

Luke stood to leave. “I didn’t come here today to spar with you again, Jerry. I came to tell you, I’m done. You did it, and I accept that you won’t ever tell me why. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just a pathetic loser not man enough to own up to your actions.”

“Hey! You can’t talk-”

“Shut up. You’re powerless, and I’m through with you.” Luke hung up the phone, ignoring the panic in Jerry’s eyes. Silent “Wait! I’ll tell you, don’t go!” bounced off the sound-proof glass in futile fury as Luke walked away.

“Luke!” Casey bounces into his room, hands behind her back and grinning so wide it looks painful. “Guess what I got?” she sings.

“A present for the awesomest big brother ever?” he says in the same sing-song voice.

Little sister annoyance flickers across her features, but the smile takes back over. “No, doofus.” She pulls out a piece of small rectangular plastic with her picture on it. “I got my license!” she squeals.

He shakes his head in mock dismay. “Oh, God. Time to warn the neighbors.”

She punches his arm. “Stupid.” Her arms wrap around him and she pecks his cheek. “Thanks for teaching me.”

“My pleasure.” He chucks her under the chin. “You’ll do great.” Her grin warms as she floats out of the room. “Just watch out for mailboxes!” 

“That was one time!”

The stars glittered like diamonds against a black velvet sky on the drive home. They reminded Luke of Casey’s eyes.

“Love you, sis.”

Word Count: 750

Speakeasy #144. The prompts this week: “Some things can’t be forgotten” and the video below:



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