Speakeasy #143: Heroes


There was a loud crash in the hallway. “Go check out that noise, Miss Might,” Captain Glory ordered.

Miss Might strode out into Wonder-Base’s cavernous hall. Her eyes narrowed as a flash of pink and purple crossed her vision. “It’s Dis-Maid! She’s stolen the plans for Dr. Ornery’s Destructo-satellite!” Pounding footsteps echoed as she thumped after the intruder.

Captain Glory turned to his trusted lieutenant, Speed-Demon. “Get after her.”

Onitbossman.” SD sped off, leaving only an after-image. Captain Glory rose into the air, flying out of the room to join the chase. He navigated the twist and turns of Wonder-Base with practiced ease, halting as he came upon SD helping Miss Might to her feet. “What happened?”

Miss Might shook her head in anger. “Dis-Maid threw some kind of force-field at me, stopping me in my tracks.” She rubbed her forehead. “Kind of hurt. She made it outside.”

Captain Glory frowned and he stepped to the force-field, pounding on it as hard as he could. “No help for it, we have to go around.”

The trio raced for the back exit, which let out at the bank of river. SD ran over the top of the water, his speed so great he wouldn’t fall in. Captain Glory grabbed Miss Might by the arms and yanked her into the air, flying to join Speed-Demon on the other side. Once reassembled, Captain Glory took charge. “She’s probably hiding in her secret lair.”

He grinned, and his teammates echoed it. “Luckily for us, it’s not that secret. Here’s what we’re going to do.” The three of them huddled close together.


An old warehouse served as Dis-Maid’s hideout. Guards, unaware of whom they worked for, patrolled the grounds. Miss Might, in her secret identity as a detective for the Future City Police, strolled to the gatehouse. “I’m sorry, ma’am. You can’t come in here,” the guard manning the post said.

Miss Might pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him. “This is a warrant allowing me to search the area.” She fought down her smile as the guard looked at the gobbledygook of legalese with confusion. “Tell no one I’m here. This might be the scene of a crime.”

The guard looked alarmed, but pressed the button to open the gate. Miss Might nodded at him and strode off into the compound.

A slight breeze told her Speed-Demon took advantage of the opening to zoom through the gate. He waved to her from behind an old pile of boxes. “TookyourtimeIsee,MM.

She rolled her eyes. “If you can wait for a moment, I’ll change.” She twirled around in place, her civilian clothes magically changing into her uniform. “Ah. That’s better. Where’s Glory?”

SD pointed up to the roof. She craned her neck up to see Captain Glory sneaking across the slanted rooftop to a window nearby. “That wasn’t part of the plan,” she hissed. “He’ll get us all killed!”

Speed-Demon shrugged. “He’sthebossman.Hisplanhisrules.

She watched as Captain Glory eased open the bottom pane, wincing when he yelled, “Aha! We have you now, vile fiend!”

“Billy, Freddie, Mary, CeCe, time for din- Billy Eugene Watson, you get down from there this instant!”

“Aw, Mom, we’re trying to save the world!”

Billy’s mother crossed her arms and tapped her foot. “You’re trying to break you neck. Quit being ornery. Get. Down. Now!”

Billy scampered into the window, the cry of, “MOOOM! Billy’s in my room!”, taking his place.

Mrs. Watson sighed and glanced at Freddie and Mary, who fidgeted and tried to look innocent next to the backyard shed. Her eyes widened when she saw Freddie’s pant legs. “Frederick, did you jump into the puddle?”

“No, Mrs. Watson. I ran across it.”

“Well, aren’t you just the little speed demon?” Mary tried to turn and rub her forehead, but Mrs. Watson caught the movement. “Mary, are you hurting?”

“I might.”

“Well, miss might, do you or don’t you?” Mrs. Watson motioned her closer and gasped. “What’s that?”

“A bruise from when I ran into CeCe’s door,” she mumbled.

“Is that all the banging I heard?”

“No. That was Cap…I mean Billy trying to get through the force-field.”

Billy peeked his head around his mother’s back, grinning and waggling his eyebrows. His mouth moved along with Mom’s words. “I am very dismayed right now. It’s a wonder you three don’t destroy this house.” Mrs. Watson shook her head. “Glory be, you kids will be the end of me.”

Billy, Mary, and Freddie burst out laughing.

Word Count: 750

Speakeasy #143. This week’s prompts: The photo above, to be referenced in some way within the story, and the sentence, “There was a loud crash in the hallway.” The sentence prompt must be used as the First line of the story or poem.


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*Note* Idea credit: My little boy, without whom I would have stared at these prompts blankly and probably missed this week!

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