dVerse: Mad As A Hatter and March Hare

Felt and fumes all day long-both bending and twisting

    A god and                                                                  planet play

     10 shilling                                                                  half-guinea

cover up                                                                   time’s wrath

6:00! Now                                                               and forever

 March Hare                                                            straw bonnet

            Did you ever wonder about madness? Come join us for tea. My name is Hatta.

My first attempt at writing a poem for dVerse. Poetry is not my usual medium, as my attempt most likely points out quite painfully. But I started writing to challenge myself, not find myself stuck in a rut, so here I am. Comments and critiques are more than welcome.

This weeks challenge is to choose between two topics: Alice in Wonderland (or one of it’s characters) or Advent. See here for more on the rules.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn