dVerse Open Link Night #126: Friend and Foe

the chill bites

clawing, rending

weather is easy

reality is hard


she waves, laughing

old foe

necessity’s reward

temptress of great and meek


despise her

curse her hold

she cares not

for she knows


greedy hands grasp

dirty hands beg

little hands whine

all for her


she flits through all

disappearing when needed

appearing unexpectedly

we strive for her touch


at life’s end

she refuses to come

instead, moves on

to our future


she whispers false truths

of love, acceptance

excuse me

I have to get paid


This is for dVerse Open Link. I am not a poet, so I will leave it to my readers to judge the merits of my work (which I do with everything else, although with that I have some small clue 😉 ). This time of year, while generally happy and filled with family for most, can also be marred by the rampant consumerism and the substitute of material goods for actual emotion. No judgement, just observation, for I am just as guilty as anyone and more guilty than some.

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Hope you enjoy and reminisce with the O’Jays!

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn