Chain Writing Game 6: The Wall – ep. 13

Episode 13

“Uh…I,” Jadir stuttered as his body reacted to Eliya. He backed up and tripped over his feet, tumbling to the ground. “I’m…flattered, but I love another woman. Her name’s Camilla.”

Eliya’s face turned quizzical, then frowned. “You think I wanted to mate with you?” She chuckled. “This is just how my people dress. There’s not much use for…coverings,” she gestured at Jadir’s clothes, “that hinder movement and catch on branches. In fact…” She pulled a blade from a thigh-sheath and strode forward. “…some of that needs to go.”

Jadir flushed, but allowed her to cut his clothes to shreds.

Chain Writing game

I’m not against romance, I swear. It just seemed like a good part to highlight cultural differences (yeah, that’s the ticket) between Jadir and Eliya with a little misunderstanding. Will love grow between the soft, citified Jadir and jungle survivor Eliya? That’s entirely up to YOU. Join in the Chain Writing Game and add your own 100-word contribution to the story. It’s unlimited entries (we go to 30 total) and you only have to wait until three others go before you post after your first.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


10 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game 6: The Wall – ep. 13

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  2. Oh man! I thought one of our characters would get some. This is better anyway. It builds sexual tension. Jadir shouldn’t forget his Camilla too easily anyway. Still, it could be exciting, having a jungle woman cut your clothes off has got to be a turn on. This could be the start of a fascinating relationship.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering if Jadir may end up joining her tribe/civilization when this is done. Assuming he survives that is. With this group, that’s not a given 😀

      • Hehe. Nothing is a given with THIS crowd, haha! He might stay on with them, but only if Eliya’s charms can hold him. He may still desire to return to Camilla. Maybe something else may enter the mix?

  3. Nice one! I was too “scared” to try to write this episode 😉
    Jadir is a man of principles, anyway. I can’t help wondering how far from the Wall they actually are at the moment (and whether Eliya has a ladder!).

    • I’m wondering if there is some taboo on the part of her people keeping them from contacting the people on the other side of the wall. It would help explain why she leads him away from it, and why he has no idea others exist on the outside. I’m hoping someone explores that idea 😀

  4. OH BURN!!! haha
    I am not conviinced though, I see these two bumping uglies 😉

  5. Keep your MATING ideas to yourself, she said. I always dress like this and it aint so i can get some stranger to undress me with their eyes. She probably wishes she had let him feed the beasts.

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