CWG 5: He’s Behind You – ep. 26


“Find a janitor’s supply closet,” Victor said. “Find some towels, soak them in something flammable, wrap them around something, and make some torches.”

“We’re not going in a dungeon, Uncle Victor!”

“Ben, I love you like a nephew, but shut-up. BIU’s are designed to survive in temps as low as -200 Fahrenheit. That slime-covering protects them.” Victor chuckled. “The downside is it’s highly flammable. Wave those flames and they won’t come near you.”

“Fire bad. Got it,” Kelly said.

“Oh, and Kelly? They know about the kill-switch, so be ready when you hit the control room.”

Something wet splattered the phone.

Chain Writing game

Not a chain letter or even a chain of fools, but the Chain Writing Game! The brainchild of Kerrie Salsac, a bunch of writers get together every week to create a story in 100-word chunks. Join in the fun, but hurry. We’re going to thirty then it gets capped off!


Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


7 thoughts on “CWG 5: He’s Behind You – ep. 26

  1. You always make it interesting Jeremy.


  2. Oh! I like this detail. That’s some good technical thinking. I think I see a “Towering Inferno” scenario coming up. Love the cliffhanger in the end.

    • I just happened to read an articled about Mars that said it can get down to -125 degrees and figured it fit. Ben and fire, I shudder to think of the possibilities 😀

      • It’s a great idea and it gives an opportunity for dealing the creatures, a weakness to go along with a strength. They could almost survive a vacuum but, I looked this up, 1 degree Kelvin (temperature of space) is -457F, so they wouldn’t quite make it. But they’d be good on Mars. And what the heck is living on Mars? We may not learn that in this one.

  3. “love you like a nephew” – hahaha 🙂
    I do hope the “something wet” is not Ben’s brains 😦

    • I figured Uncle Vic wasn’t the overly-sentimental type 😉 I promised not to kill Ben or Kelly (this time), so I was thinking more monster drool dripping from the ceiling.

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