Sunday Photo Fiction: Rolling Stoners – Ep. 8

44 01 January 26th 2014


The pachycephalosaurs thumped along the bridge above a burbling mini-waterfall. Rick watched as an unconscious Terry inched closer to sliding off the dinosaur with every jostle. “Just a bit more.”

The knights reined their mounts back at another knight’s appearance. Terry hit the ground with a thud. “Don’t leave, Miley! I’ll twerk with you!” Terry cried. His ass gyrated on the stone.

“What does that mean?” Gabby asked.

He sighed and hopped down. “It means he’s an idiot.” He strode over and patted Terry’s face. “Wake up.”

Terry reached up and pulled Rick closer to puckered lips. Rick slapped him…hard. “Dude!”

Terry’s fist shot out and Rick collapsed, holding his just-punched junk. “AAAAHHHH! Dick!”

Terry rolled over on top of Rick, punches rising and falling. “Why’d you slap me, asshole?”

Rick flailed back and the two scuffled around the bridge. A whirring sound rose above the noise of the brouhaha as the new knight stomped over. He reached them as Terry rolled into a pile of dinosaur dung.

Strong hands separated the two. “A cyborg?” Rick said.

“Hey, is your dong metal?” Terry asked.

The cyborg threw Terry over the bridge. “Ha! Than-”

Rick flew into the water after his friend.

Word Count: 200

Sunday Photo Fiction


Sunday Photo Fiction Time! Every week Al posts a photo and every week I try to advance Rolling Stoners by shoe-horning it into the story somehow. It’s been working…so far (and depending on your definition of ‘working’). Head on over and join in the fun!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn



16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Rolling Stoners – Ep. 8

  1. HAHA oh these two are class! I love the scrapes they get into

  2. ha Wow….that was entertaining….not sure where you come up with these stories but I love them.

  3. “holding his just-punched junk”…. I got a good laugh out of this!

  4. You imagination is really out there. πŸ™‚

  5. Haha… you managed to use “dinosaur” and “twerk” in the same story…impressive πŸ™‚

  6. And now there’s a cyborg knight? Love it! This story has everything you need for a good time.

    • The cyborg knight came from a comment on last week’s episode. They wanted to see what I could do with “it’s just a flesh wound.” A smart-ass cyborg tossing that line out came to mind, but I already used the line in a different story. I decided to keep the cyborg though πŸ˜‰

  7. Those crazy guys πŸ™‚

  8. If those two don’t end up dead because of Terry’s stupidity, I’ll be very surprised. Still, maybe it’s just as well Rick is with him…he’s be dino doo-doo by now if he were on his own πŸ˜€

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