Chain Writing Game-Ep. 6: He’s Behind You


“Do you hear that?” Kelly whimpered.

Ben put his ear to the floor of the lift. The sound of claws clanging against metal vibrated in his hearing. “I…I think it’s…” He took a deep gulp and turned pale. “…climbing the shaft.”

Kelly slumped to the floor, shock and disbelief on her face. “This can’t be happening,” she moaned. “Those idiots!”

Ben glanced at her in confusion. “What idiots?”

Before she could answer, his phone started buzzing. He pulled it out of his pocket, looked at the screen and saw a text from Tony.

It read, “I tried to warn you.”

Chain Writing game


Chain Writing Game created by Kerrie Salsac is back for it’s fifth installment! What do Kelly and Tony know? What is the creature? Will this whole episode take place in the elevator? Who knows? I can answer the last one. YOU know, as long as you join in the fun! Click the link to catch up with the story so far then take the characters where you want them to go. Introduce somebody new if you so desire, then watch as they get taken for a ride.

You get three entries, though you must wait until three others of gone before your next post. We go until the time is up or we hit 30 entries.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


4 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game-Ep. 6: He’s Behind You

  1. Great episode – now we have intrigue in the mix as well! What do Tony and Kelly know about all this, I wonder?

  2. There is a lesson in this. Pick up the dreaded telephone. Great continuation.

  3. Nice twist adding the part that brings Tony back with the you should of.

  4. Oh you genius! I love that text from Tony! How did he know?
    It also seems like she knows something too… how suspicious!

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