Mythology Workshop #4: Creation of the Aivar

For Mythology Workshop #4 over at 13th Floor Paradigm the task is to create a Creation Myth. I have several worlds and fictional races that could use a little mythology to flesh them out, plus I just get a kick out of doing things like this. So I’ll do this as a series of posts.

First up: The Aivar from Pangaea

IC63 by Ken Crawford

IC63 by Ken Crawford

“Once…we soared.”

Flaxx shifted on his perch as the High Necros began his sermon. He glanced around the Aviary at hundreds of faces gazing in rapt attention. War loomed with the humans, driving his fellow Aivars to flock back into the waiting embrace of the Church. Perches, once half-empty, now groaned under the strain of rediscovered fervor by a frightened populace.

Even soldiers such as he were ordered to attend services.

“The Great Raptor, He who hatched us all, winged through the unformed cosmos, painting the skies with his Grace. Bless the Great Raptor.”

“May the Great Raptor bless us,” came the automatic response. Flaxx winced from the passion-filled caws.

“Yet, the Great Raptor found Himself unsatisfied with eternal solitude. He desired a companion. So He took the ether of the universe within His claws and formed His first creation, Columb.”

A chorus of derisive chirps greeted the name of the Great Raptor’s eternal foe. Flaxx watched some of the slaves make a quick sign of obeisance while their masters’ attention was diverted. A small smile tugged at his beak.

“As a gift, the Great Raptor gathered dust floating along the shears of the Eternal Sky and formed the least of his creations, Columb’s children.” The High Necros peered into the eyes of his followers and smirked. “Yes, even blunt-beaked seed-eaters once flew with greatness.”

Cries of laughter sounded as feathers ruffled in amusement. The slaves seemed to shrink from the attention, and Flaxx frowned.

“But Columb and her children soon grew jealous of the Great Raptor, always serving His will as we all must. As the Great Raptor drew plans for the universe as we know it, she sent her children to the Wondrous Nest to steal the Eggs of Creation.”

The High Necros’ stare fixed on one of the kneeling slaves. “They did not succeed.” A talon reached down as the poor unfortunate’s master cuffed the smaller Aivar in the back of the head.

“The Great Raptor banished Columb to the UnderSea, where she could no longer fly. Then He flung the Eggs into the void, creating the world and moons and stars. The broken shell became the ground we tread upon, His tears at Columb’s betrayal became the seas. Bless the Great Raptor.”

“May the Great Raptor bless us.”

“The Great Raptor, in His infinite mercy, did not banish Columb’s children to the UnderSea. Instead, He allowed them to walk the world, but forever denied the skies. He grabbed the stars within His mighty talons and created children of His own image, to watch over the vessels corrupted by Columb’s influence.”

“So we, the Prey-Hunters, came to be. So great was, and is, the Great Raptor’s love for us that He plucked His eye and placed it into the sky as the sun so it may warm and shelter us. A promise that we, His children, will once again soar alongside Him once our time on Pangaea is done and warning that He is ever watching that our deeds do Him justice. Bless the Great Raptor.”

“May the Great Raptor bless us.” Flaxx stirred, glad the sermon ended. He made to stand, but the High Necros screeched at the congregation.

“There is…more.”

Flaxx felt confused, but resumed his perch. His blood wiggled like a worm going down his gullet at the High Necros’ next words.

“Some have questioned the truth of the Great Raptor’s teachings with the arrival of the human interlopers.” A grey-feathered fist pounded the lectern. “But know this: The humans developed from the parasites found on Columb’s fallen children as they molested the Eggs of Creation. They too are the Great Raptor’s children, but are born of filth and disease. In His wisdom, He allowed them to develop…but they have gone against His plan for us all. They seek to conquer the home set aside for us after befouling their own world. This must not happen. Fear not war, my flock, for it is Holy in the eye of He Who Hatched Us. Bless the Great Raptor!

“May the Great Raptor bless us!”

Flaxx left the sermon shaken, and wondering what would happen to him…and his people.



Click the knight to catch up with the rest of the story so far.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


7 thoughts on “Mythology Workshop #4: Creation of the Aivar

  1. This is great! I will be following for sure!

  2. I love creation myths! Had to do them in Uni, had a lot of fine writing a couple. Good stuff, really enjoyed it.

  3. I love it when you go all mythology on us 🙂 Also, “His blood wiggled like a worm going down his gullet” is so perfectly disgusting it made my skin crawl!

  4. It could be true…somewhere out there in the vast universe.

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