I Need Your Input

I’ve created several worlds in various genres. I enjoy each of them, which makes it difficult for me to choose which one to expand to a full-length book. So I am turning to you, dear readers, for help.

Which world/storyline would you like to see turned into book form? Please take a moment to click on the poll below. Your assistance is much appreciated.


The poll will be up for a week and I will follow the winner, with updates along the way. If you aren’t familiar with some of the stories, each can be found in the sidebar.

Thank you for your help.

J. Milburn


9 thoughts on “I Need Your Input

  1. I went for the Fantasy Drake Rider. You can never have too many drake riders.

    I would not say yes to the Rolling Stoners because I think the humour of them would not stay in a book. Their humour has to be in short spurts. Or that is my view anyway 🙂

  2. You know who got my vote.

  3. I got some reading to do this weekend so I can make an informed choice BUT don’t be surprised if it is sci-fantasy if you could see my e-reader it is packed with a library of sci-fan.

  4. I was voting blind. I liked the name ‘Her Majesty’s Ranger’, so that was my vote. I guess I’d better go read it now.

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