Daily Challenge: Busted

picture found: Virtual Tourist

He weaved his way through the packed dance floor. Epileptic lights and hot sweat mixed with fake fog to create a miasma of desperate emptiness. He pushed past a girl with pigtails and pacifier stuck in her mouth grinding some faux-rich college brats. 

A chance overheard conversation at work informed him that she liked to come here to this…this temple of hedonism. His love for her drew him, though he avoided these types of places like the plague.

His eyes widened when he spotted her in the corner, flirting with some man. Anger filled him, and he stalked over.

Her mouth opened in an O when she spotted him. She looked around, searching for an escape. Her companion noticed her distress and rose to his feet. “Hey, what’s your problem, man?”

“The problem, man, is that’s my daughter…who’s only sixteen.”

“Daddy, I-”

His glare cut short her protest. “We’re going home. Now, young lady.”

She shuffled along beside him, stiletto heels clacking, and he eyed her outfit with distaste. The sleeveless sequin vest glittered in the flashing laser-light, while the  black skirt barely brushed her thighs. “Your mother’s going to kill you for taking her clothes without asking.”

Word Count: 198


Click the button to head over to Jeremy’s blog. Today’s prompt is a musical one:

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn






8 thoughts on “Daily Challenge: Busted

  1. I couldn’t get the similarities of their other song out of my head so if I was to write a story based on that, it would be very sordid lol

    • I only know “Sadness Part One” and “Return To Innocence” so I decided to just go with a club scene. Probably better than the pro wrestling story that popped in my head for some reason 😉

  2. Bravo, Jeremy. Really love the twist to a enraged parent, Beautifully done!

  3. Nicely done! I didn’t pick up on the father/daughter relationship at first. I cracked up at the last line – mama’s got a naughty streak, it seems 🙂

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