PTWWW-Found Poem: Stand

Photo via @NU_Sports

Photo via @NU_Sports

Stand With Purdue.

fans at a basketball game paint letters across their chests,

usually the name of their school or its star player.

a group of Northwestern students,

went with something more meaningful-

when the Wildcats hosted Purdue.

a gunman shot and killed Purdue student Andrew Boldt

inside the school’s electrical engineering building.

Stand With Purdue.

publisher of tried to approach

the students with “Stand With Purdue” on their chests,

in hopes of landing an interview.

They didn’t want the attention.

Cool stuff.

Stand With Purdue.


For Paint The World With Words poetry form of the week: Found Poem. A found poem relies exclusively on outside text, ‘as is’ for the most part, for creation. The poet determines the shape and form the poem will take.

My poem comes from this story by Jeff Eisenberg. All credit for the words goes to him, I merely reshaped them into a different form.

Hats off to the students at Northwestern, and condolences and thoughts go out to those affected by the tragedy.

5 thoughts on “PTWWW-Found Poem: Stand

  1. That’s cool. I’ve never come across that form of poetry before. Great use of the article!

  2. Really a nice poem. I like your attempt at writing this form and my prayers go for those affected by the tragedy. Thanks for participating J. It feels nice to read your poems every week:)


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