Finish That Thought: A New Old Life

The gate still squeaked. Curses at the betraying sound ran through Tara’s mind as she crawled through the opening to the cemetery.  Her head swiveled left and right, searching for any sign of pursuit. The woods surrounding the edges of graveyard seemed clear, but she didn’t relax.

Barb never saw it coming when he…it took her.

Tara didn’t know what kind of power it possessed; she only knew the ravenous hunger that gleamed in its reptilian eyes. She wished Barb had never found that damned book. They should be at the mall, scarfing junk at the food court and hitting on guys.

But Barb wanted to visit that rare bookstore and find a book on demons for her boyfriend. He loved to play a game called Dragon Dungeons or something like that, and she felt the need to join his world. The two of them chanted one of the spells as a goof.

The lights dimmed and hell-light poured from the floor. A rip opened in the ground, and a clawed hand wiggled out. Tara remembered that first scream. Barb’s parents came running in as Tara and Barb burst out.

Barb’s parents were the first victims. Tara remembered those screams as well.

They ran out of the house and down the street. A red-scaled, bat-winged thing chased after them, but only Tara seemed to see it. They ran past people who looked puzzled about why two girls would run down the street in their pajamas, but no one screamed as the creature flew past.

They’d made it two blocks before it caught Barb in its talons, pulling her into the sky. Tara tried to grab Barb’s flailing foot, but couldn’t hold on.

So she ran. She headed for the cemetery, half-remembered stories about holy ground giving her hope. She twisted her ankle when she missed a gouge in the sidewalk, but she limped on. Soon the pain forced her to crawl.

She huddled against an angel statue and prayed for the nightmare to be over. A whimper escaped when she saw the demon fly over the fence and bull through headstones in its search. Stone crumbled and Tara swore she heard the cries of the damned as the beast crossed over their graves.

Its shadow fell over her, and she closed her eyes. Death didn’t strike, so she peeked to see the demon kneeling before her. One black nail reached out to touch her ankle. She felt energy sizzle and course through her body, taking away her pain and flashing memories of women roped to logs as fire kissed their flesh.

Tara’s eyes popped open and she cackled. Her hand caressed the demon’s face, and she allowed her servant to take her in its arms.

They flew deep into the night.

For Finish That Thought #29 at Musings of Alissa Leonard. The prompt this week: “The gate still squeaked.” to be used as the first line. The special challenge is to write the story without dialogue. The Grand Champion of the week chooses the prompt and challenge for the next week, as well as serving as judge.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


2 thoughts on “Finish That Thought: A New Old Life

  1. Glad you didn’t write anything creepy this time. 8])


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