Carpe Diem #374: Novosibirsk

Qi out of balance
uncivil mind and soul war 
unhallowed fire

 For Carpe Diem #374: Novosibirsk. We continue our ride along with Paulo Coelho on the TSR as it reaches Novosibirsk. Here he realizes his feelings for Hilal, but also realizes he condemned her as a witch during the Inquisition, causing her to be burned to death on a pyre.

For more in depth information, head over to Carpe Diem. Chevrefeuille explains the city and point in the story better than I could.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


3 thoughts on “Carpe Diem #374: Novosibirsk

  1. Jeremy … you make me blush … what a nice words and your haiku is a gem. I am glad to see and read that you like our journey and the role of “Aleph” in that journey. Thank you for being here.

  2. Ohhhh like what you did here.

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