CWG#3: Episode 9

Week 3 CWG

“Why me?” Jenna moaned.

Contempt flashed in Jaime’s eyes. “That blood still caked underneath your nails should answer that.”

“But…but…that was self-defense!”

Jaime laughed, cold and bitter as the snowy-world outside. “Yeah. I ‘defended’ myself three times now. So much so the memory wipes don’t take anymore.” Her lips curled in and she sneered. “Even if I win this one…and I will…they’ll never let me back into ‘polite’ society again.”

Jenna scooted away, and humor danced in Jaime’s eyes. “Don’t worry, fish. I can use you, for now.”


Chain Writing game

Chain Writing Game, created by Kerrie Salsac, brings various writers together to create a story in 100-word chunks. You get 3 turns, but must wait for 3 others to post theirs before you can go again. Click the link and move the story along, add your own twist, or decide the fate of the characters.


8 thoughts on “CWG#3: Episode 9

  1. Ooh, I think the ‘games’ have done something to Jamie’s mind. She’s hard and bitter. Now I’m wondering what she means by the term, ‘fish.” That sounds suspiciously like ‘bait’ to me. Oh and about this self-defense thing. Hmmm. There’s another twist waiting to grow. Great entry!

    • I meant ‘fish’ kind of like a prison-slang, ‘new fish coming in’, although I seriously considered straight up using the word ‘bait’ 🙂 Now we have some idea about why the blood is there, without knowing everything about what happened. Can’t wait until some blanks are filled!

  2. Really liked this, I want to read the rest now! 🙂

  3. I like that. Reminds me a bit of The Hunger Games but with Elements of The Cube (film series not TV show) thrown in.

  4. I want to see why Jamie has a 3rd try. She sound hardened.

  5. I like that we have had a glimpse into why she’s covered in blood! Memory wipes eh? Does that mean that maybe Jenna’s been here a bit longer than she thinks? Has she been here before?
    AH so many questions 😛

  6. Not just innocent victims of some psycho after all, perhaps?

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