Carpe Diem Special: Absence


For today’s Special, we have the second haiku from this month’s featured poet, Alexey Andreyev:

summer evening –
empty swing swaying slightly
forward … back …                        (c. Alexey Andreyev)

The challenge is to write a haiku using the above for inspiration. Kristjaan also provided a photo that matches the haiku above nicely:

Here’s my haiku:

freedom sits absent
love-joy-laughter sounds muted
life gone with children

Head over to Carpe Diem and read other haiku-artists take on the inspiration.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


9 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Special: Absence

  1. 😦 so sad sounding

  2. Fabulous haiku!

  3. Looks like this is the eventual status once they grow up and leave the nest. There’s no stopping them! Nicely J Milburn!


  4. I hadn’t a sad feeling as I chose the picture of the empty swing. I had sweet memories of my childhood and I still like to ‘play’ with a swing … maybe that’s why my grandchildren like to be with me … I am still a child deep down inside and enjoy children’s play a lot.
    Nice, nevertheless the sadnes in this one, great haiku Jeremy.

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