dVerse Open Link Night- Pathya Vat: Eternity

“At Eternity’s Gate” by Vincent Van Gogh

Chair creaks, fire snaps
useless hands hold
life once so bold
taken by war
Thanatos grasp
my son no more
this I implore
take me instead
“Nay” Death’s head clacks
raise thy aged head
Mars must be fed
though it be hard
no youth be barred
he now stands guard
o’er joy’s realm

For d’Verse OpenLinkNight. This style of poem, found at http://www.volecentral.co.uk/vf/pathya_vat.htm, is called a Pathya Vat, a form that originated in Cambodia.

The breakdown of the form is quite simple. It has four lines of four syllables each. The second and third line of a stanza rhyme. If you decide to chain them, as I did, then the second and third line rhyme the last line of the previous stanza.

Line 1 – 4 syllables (A)

Line 2 – 4 syllables (B)

Line 3 – 4 syllables (B)

Line 4 – 4 syllables (C)

Second stanza (if relevant)

Line 5 – 4 syllables (D)

Line 6 – 4 syllables (C)

Line 7 – 4 syllables (C)

Line 8 – 4 syllables (E)

and so on.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


7 thoughts on “dVerse Open Link Night- Pathya Vat: Eternity

  1. cool. never heard of the form before, so thanks for the intro….if something was happening to my son i would probably beg the same leave of death….

  2. Excellent Jeremy, very well penned.

  3. This is heartrending. “Nay” Death’s head clacks – brilliant line.

    • Thank you! I was searching for an image to go in a different direction, but my eye was drawn to the Van Gogh. I wondered what might make a man feel that way, and went from there. I appreciate you reading and commenting!

  4. Wonderful form.. Think I have come across it once before, wonderful content also.. It’s always the young the gods love to bring home…

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