Weird, Wild & Wicked #ThursThreads: Timing

“What are you DOING?”

My daughter grabs my arm to keep me from flushing the filth killing her. Pills, powder, rocks, all of it swirls in a vortex of false salvation to travel where I fear my dear Lisa will end up if I don’t act.

Her strength, already feeble from poison, gives out and she falls to her knees. Her eyes leak at the loss of her fake-Nirvana. It’s my turn to grab her. “No time for tears. Let’s go.”

She doesn’t resist as I pull her out of the house and into the car. She looks out the window, eyes glassy and hands starting to shake. Her silence cuts, and I feel the heat of her anger. She remains that way until we reach our destination. “NO! I am not going in there!”

I park the car in front of two large men with kind, but determined, faces. One swings open the door before Lisa can think to lock it. She leans back, nearly in my lap. I push and they pull, while she thrashes. Her hands slap and scratch, desperation renewing her power.

The orderlies of the detox center and I succeed in dislodging Lisa from the vehicle. Each man grabs an arm and proceeds to drag my heart inside, screaming all the while, “I HATE YOU!”

I lean against the car after she disappears. “If hating me makes you better, then I can live with that,” I whisper.

Now I allow time for my tears.


For The Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked’s #ThursThreads Week 102 challenge, hosted by Siobhan Muir. The prompt this week, as with every week, is a line from the previous week’s winner. The prompt this week: “No time for tears.” I used it by as is, but it can be incorporated within a longer sentence as well.

Head on over and throw your 100-250 word story into the mix. Stories go in the comments.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn




8 thoughts on “Weird, Wild & Wicked #ThursThreads: Timing

  1. Powerful story J. I’ll head on over to the web site you mention. Sounds interesting. BTW…Good Luck in the Speakeasy Challenge tomorrow.


  2. Wow…..that is good.

  3. As a parent, this would be a heart-wrenching thing to do. Yes, it’s for their own good, but it’s not pleasant to be the perceived source of their misery or target of their hatred.

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