New To Me Poetry – Tetractys: Recharge

Starlit Ridge

Starlit Ridge (Photo credit: nick.mealey)







and calm
inside me.
Midnight’s glory
recharges patience for day’s chaos.

This is my entry for Mind Love Misery’s Prompt 36 – Virtues. I decided to combine with a New To Me Poetry entry: the Tetractys.

A Tetractys consists of five lines that break down like so:

Line 1 – 1 syllable (no “a” “and” “the” or “boring” one syllable words)

Line 2 – 2 syllables

Line 3 – 3 syllables

Line 4 – 4 syllables

Line 5 – 10 syllables

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


3 thoughts on “New To Me Poetry – Tetractys: Recharge

  1. I will have to try this form! Lovely and positive entry hope you have a fantastic New Years =) Patience for me is the most challenging of the virtues

  2. You and all your fancy poetry stuffs…. 🙂
    Very nicely written! but are these the virtues you truly have ? haha

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