Chain Writing Game: Episode 24

“How’d they find us!” Mac yelled.

Agent Jones opened his mouth just as two gunshots boomed in the bedroom. Blood leaked out as the light fled from his eyes.

Mac whirled, grunting as a round pierced his shoulder. He slammed back against the heavy bed, his graying vision seeing three Agent Kents wavering. Smoke rose from the barrel of his Beretta. “That would be me,” Kent’s voice echoed from a deep well.

Mac heard Cindy scream as Kent grabbed her hair. “C’mon, Princess. We have a date to keep.”

Mac’s last vision was of Kent’s pistol-butt slicing toward his skull.


My last shot at Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game. Alas, poor Agent Jones, we hardly knew thee. Will Mac survive? Will Cindy’s nightmare ever end? What happened to all the other girls? That’s for YOU to decide. Join in with your continuation! I plead with you for a purely selfish reason: I don’t want to be left hanging!

Click the link to read the other entries and catch up on the twists and turns!




16 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game: Episode 24

  1. Ouch! Quisling indeed. I was hoping Jones (ex-Marine) would last longer than that. That just means I’m hoping Kent really gets it bad, and I’m hoping Cindy is the one that does the deed. Where is that screwdriver? I like the direction you took. You kept the tension high and the pace quick. Great episode.

    • Thanks! I figured we were getting too many characters, somebody had to go πŸ˜‰ With Jones hiding with Mac, the one who wasn’t present became the traitor. Now to wait and see if someone picks up the ball and runs with it!

  2. I was wondering where the screwdriver was as well haha
    Aw poor Jones! God I hope Mac is ok!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing if he survives or not. I love where you went with this one.

  4. Way to clear the deck a bit. You are right without a program it gets difficult to remember who is on which side.

  5. Nice one! I’m thinking.


  6. What a mess! So many double agents. Yes the characters are accumulating. But the story is moving quickly and if someone goes completely off grid we can help them. You now like putting someone back in that already died.

    • I’m half-expecting Agrit to show back up with an eye-patch and a Mac-10, ready for revenge πŸ˜‰ It is fun seeing where people take the story, and most of it for me is trying to guess where its going (drives my wife crazy when we watch a movie πŸ˜€ ).

  7. At least Mac is probably still alive – maybe he will save the day again. Nice twist!

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