Chain Writing Game: Episode 20

Cindy stared at Mac as he mashed the speaker button off. “My real parents?”

Mac glanced at her before turning his attention back to the road. “That’s classified.”

“Who are you people?”

Mac grimaced, but ground out, “FBI. Undercover to take down the slavery syndicate.”

Cindy’s eyes widened, and some of the teens in the back cried out in fear. Mac looked in the rear-view. “Don’t worry, you won’t be deported. I’m taking all of you to a safe-house, so just stay calm.”

“Why’d you break cover?”

Mac’s knuckles whitened on the wheel. “Orders,” he spat out.

“Whose orders?”


Chain Writing game

My second shot in Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game challenge. Head over to her blog to read the challenge and the rules. Read the story so far and join in! This truly is a case of the more the merrier!


4 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game: Episode 20

  1. Undercover FBI! This story just gets more and more exciting! Loving the way you’ve taken the story.

  2. Thanks, Kerrie! I’m liking this challenge 😀 Now comes the waiting again. Come on, parents being scientists working on top-secret government projects and the ransom is information *cross fingers and wish* 😉

  3. Yes this story is so fast past and with so many of us working on it no telling where it’s going.

  4. At last some of the players are getting identified – this was starting to get confusing! I like the way you left this one.

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