Friday Fictioneers: Denouement

Copyright - Douglas M MacIlroy

Feet that once marched down the Champs-Élysées, championed as a liberator, now hobbled unnoticed with the help of a cane. He pulled out an old black and white photo of a young version of himself dancing with a dark-haired Beauty.

Elise, a Resistance fighter, gone from Earth near seventy years…but never his heart. He creaked into a sitting position, back against the symbol of Paris.

He clutched the picture to his fluttering chest. “I hope you’re enjoying Heaven, love. I’ll beat von Choltitz into a deeper level of Hell when I see him,” he said with his last breath. 


For Friday Fictioneers. I had a similar photo for a different writing challenge and this entry ties in with that, even though it can stand on its own (I hope). You can read my other entry for a little more background here.

Head over to Addicted To Purple for more takes on the photo prompt. Join in the fun and enter your own!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn








17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Denouement

  1. They’ll finally dance again… lovely tale. The history, the longing… well done.

  2. a lovely story within a story. well done 🙂

  3. Dear Jeremy,

    Not that it has to do with anything, but my middle name is Elise. I enjoyed your well-told love story. One note: I don’t think Beauty needs to be capitalized.



    • Thanks, Rochelle! On Beauty I chose to capitalize it to represent how he thought of her as the only one. For him there were no others. Kind of like some people capitalize “The One” when talking about their true love 😀 Thank you for noticing though!

  4. Dear J,

    Wasn’t von Choltitz lauded as the savior of Paris? Still, I’m sure he had plenty of blood on his hands. Wonderful story for the prompt. I like the scene of him leaning against the tower. Very nice work.



    • Thanks Doug! From what I understand, there is some controversy over von Choltitz’s role, with some believing his “savior” status to be a bit of revisionism on his part. I found a list of actions he was supposed to have ordered before “letting” Paris go, which included having rounded up 35 Resistance fighters and having them executed at the Bois de Boulagne waterfall. That particular event is what I based the previous story on. Thanks for reading, Doug!

  5. Oh that was a great take.. love the connection to history.

  6. I could see that old soldier – nicely written

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