Chain Writing Game – Episode 14: The Last Day

Okay, I’ve been gone for a couple of days and I come back to find an interesting new challenge: Kerrie Salsac’s Chain Writing Game!

Click the link for the rules and here’s my continuation:

Episode 14

A woman clad in a blue niqab scurried in the room, drawn by Agrit’s death-scream. “Alhamdulillah, hurriyah!” she cried as she gazed on Agrit’s soiled corpse. The sounds of retching brought her around the bed. She saw Cindy, tears cascading and strings of vomit hanging from her lips.

The woman knelt, palms up to show she meant no harm. “I am Aadila,” she said in halting English. “We must…flee…before bad men come back. Come.” Aadila grabbed Cindy’s hands and pulled her up, dragging the numb women into the bathroom. “Out window.”

Aadila pushed and shoved until Cindy wiggled through, following right behind her.

Click the Link to read the rest of the story!



14 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game – Episode 14: The Last Day

  1. Awesome! I had to look up the translation. At first I was afraid she was wife #3 and she would attack Cindy. I like how you imagined Cindy’s reaction. Unused to such things, that would be expected. I love the direction you took. Still, the women aren’t truly free yet…

  2. Really guys? aliens? hahah! Who knows what will happen next. I did my part,now I’m just reading the rest.

  3. I don’t know which I enjoyed more; reading your addition, or reading the comments below!
    I never expected such a response to this game, and I love it!!!

    I am very happy with Aadila’s actions. She could have been too scared to help Cindy, or even be loyal to her masters, but no, she jumps in and helps her. Also, as mentioned above, I do like how you painted her reaction to the brutal attack.
    Seeing them two on the run together is going to be interesting 😛

  4. The Chain Writing Game has a FB page like us and come on over.

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