Paint The World With Words – Haibun: Crowded Loneliness


120908-N-TX154-113 (Photo credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet)

The sunset glistens off the ocean; the world changes from endless blue to bright colors only seen for moments. The sky becomes Nature’s canvas as she paints her fleeting masterpiece, the likes of which make artists shamed at their paltry efforts to capture what can only be felt. Dolphins dance and play, leaping and crashing through the waves. A crowd stands at an opening, silence and reverence louder than a thousand shouts. Overhead, machines of war roar as they soar off the flight deck, while hundreds of uniformed citizens scurry about, focused on duties. Their time comes at sunrise.

lonesome city sails

fellows of duty and chance

Ocean dwarfs us all

My try at a Haibun for Paint The World with Words. A Haibun, at its most basic, is prose married to haiku. For a deeper explanation, head over to Amreen B. Shaikh’s site by clicking the link. She really explains it much better than I ever could 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


5 thoughts on “Paint The World With Words – Haibun: Crowded Loneliness

  1. Beautiful….I haven’t written a haibun in awhile. 😦

  2. J, this is wonderful! I really liked our Haibun and this beautiful picture you penned with your words is so thoughtful and profound. The feel of this piece is intriguing and makes one read between the lines. Sharp, crisp and full of imagery is what this piece is.

    Thank you for your participation and Happy New Year:)


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