Flash! Friday – Vol. 2 – 2: Adult

Snowman on Lake. Photo by Petritap.

Photo by Petritap

Derek and his sister, Melissa, burst inside the small farmhouse they called home after spending the morning building a snowman. “Brrr! Got some coffee made, Mom?”

Dad slumped at the kitchen table, face buried in his hands, while his mother clenched a twisted rag, eyes puffy. “What’s wrong?” His father silently handed him an envelope bearing “Selective Service System” at the top. The world wavered and his knees buckled.

Melissa’s eyes widened as she realized the significance. “NO! It’s not fair! He can’t go!”

Derek clasped her forearm. “I have to, Mel,” he whispered. Mom stepped over and gathered both her children in her arms.


Two days later, Derek drove away from the farm for the last time, no longer a child. The snowman’s silent vigil neared its end, the heat chipping away the remnants of a too short life.

Word Count: 141


For Flash! Friday Vol. 2-2. The prompt is the photo above the story, with the element of duty to be incorporated in some fashion (word doesn’t have to appear unless specified). The challenge: Tell a story in 150 words (give or take 10) using the prompt. Post your story in the comments at Flash! Friday. It is that easy, so what are you waiting for? Head on over and join in!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


4 thoughts on “Flash! Friday – Vol. 2 – 2: Adult

  1. Oh, this is heart-breaking for all involved. The last line was a punch in the gut because it dashed all hope that he would return unharmed.

  2. That was an amazing story! How heartbreaking for this family, but so many have gone through this same scenario over the years. You captured this surreal moment with elegance.

    • Thank you! When I thought about the “dragon’s bidding” word, what came to my mind were those that served not because they wanted to, but because they had to. I’m glad they don’t use the draft anymore in the U.S. and hope nothing comes along to ever cause it to come back!

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