Friday Fictioneers: Memory

Copyright- Jean L. Hays

I stare at the backyard, soaking in the memories. Two orange cones sit by the shed, used to practice Karen’s goalie skills. “Kick it hard, Daddy!”

I make the world swim in shades of blue, my wife’s favorite color. “Oh, look at the dolphin, honey. Karen will love this.”

My baby watched me, imitated me. I gave her love…how was I to know she took more?

The M.E. said “three-times the legal limit.” Her mother glared at me, the accusation terrible…and true.

I close the door, memories threatening to drown me. The latch clicks for the last time.


Friday Fictioneers time again! Every week Rochelle gives us a photo, and every week around 100 writers give their interpretation. The challenge is to create the story using only 100 words (or so).

Head on over to Addicted to Purple and read some great writers. Join in the fun if the picture strikes you!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Memory

  1. 😦 Well…thats not in the holiday spirit.
    I did enjoy it….are you working on your body count?

  2. That’s heavy, like a one ton tractor rolling over my chest.

  3. I had to read it twice to see where it was going and then wham! Well done.

  4. That’s very sad 😦
    Good story.

  5. 😦 very heavy and extremely sad. but very well-written, of course.

  6. I did struggle at first but now feel I understand. He can’t blame himself for that. Nor should his wife.

  7. Wow J! This was a sad read, but well done!

  8. So sad! That one’s a heart breaker. Great job!

  9. We can only control our children’s actions for so long, which is tough for a lot of parents (especially mothers) to accept. A very sad story, but life ain’t always a bowl of cherries.

  10. Oh, so painful… but so perfectly written.

  11. I am a bit slow today so I had to read it a couple of times (happens all the time) to realize what was going on. Poor guy, but you did a great job with what was unsaid here, and it felt a much fuller piece because of it. Nice job. 🙂

  12. Dear Jeremy,

    A powerful story, fraught with emotion. We do influence our children, but, at some point everyone has to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

    Note: I think you mean “My baby” rather than “M baby”.

    Good job,



    • Ha! The human mind’s capability to be so perceptive(sometimes), yet so blind at other times (too often for me 😉 ) never ceases to astound and confound me. I’ve looked at this story countless times and missed that every single one of those readings! Thanks, Rochelle 🙂

  13. Wow, it’s so easy to blame yourself, especially when you are a parent.

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