dVerse Poetics -Candles and Lights: Legend

Flickering flame battles lingering night

Prometheus’ gift drives off human fright

Nox rumbles, her fury ever thwarted

By family’s grace and Apollo’s light

poetry, dversepoets

For dVerse’s Poetics. This week is about Candles and Lights. I decided to try my hand at creating a Rubaiyat Quatrain, popularized by Edward FitzGerald and based on Persian poetry. It is characterized by rhyming the first, second, and last lines, while the third line does not rhyme with the other three (AABA).

Head on over to dVerse and read some great poets. Join in if inspiration strikes!

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn

12 thoughts on “dVerse Poetics -Candles and Lights: Legend

  1. Very good…as always. You are really doing so many new things and I love it.

    • Thanks, Anja! It helps that the response to the new stuff is generally great and encouraging (no internet tomatoes have been thrown yet 😉 )! Thank you, Anja, so much for reading and encouraging me along the way 🙂

      • I would never throw a tomato…..they are just to delicious. 🙂
        You are welcome. We are all here to write and improve or try new things. You have always been encouraging to me as well.

  2. ha. rumble on night,
    you have nothing on the light…

    enchanting little verse..smiles. i like the touches on myth & legend…

  3. Very cool short legendary poem

  4. Yes, indeed, those flames very effectively battle the night! And warm one’s spirit as well.

  5. Love how you brought in the mythology here… great form to try sometimes..

  6. Great opening line and use of form!

  7. […] you to J. Milburn (https://jeremymilburn.wordpress.com/2013/12/14/dverse-poetics-candles-and-lights-legend/) for the inspiration, and information, needed to try my hand at creating a Rubaiyat Quatrain, […]

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