We Drink Inspiration-Short Story Prompt 4: Be Careful When You Look

I climb, sithurism covering any incidental sounds I might make on my quest. Well-tested branches bear me ever higher toward my discovered Nirvana. Every day she shows up at school, leaving me engaged in apodyopsis, and cursing my suddenly too-tight jeans.

Little does she know that my mental images are more…accurate than most.

My haven beckons and I pull myself up, settling in a reclining position. Binoculars sharpen focus as minutes begin their inexorable decline.

She keeps her schedule sacred, almost as sacred as I.

She floats past the window, a whisper of a dream. She loves to dance, and every evening becomes an impromptu tease she performs solely for me.

The shirt twirls as hips sway and jut to the side. Basorexia slaps me as she purses her lips at her reflection. A vagary worms its way into my mind. I reveal myself and she speaks with only her eyes, inviting me inside everything her.

My breathing increases and my hand inches down…down-

“Hey! What are doing up there?” Light glares into my eyes, knocking me off balance. Gravity punishes me for my insults and I fall.


Mrs. Karrick doddered over to the officer watching the ambulance drive away. “What happened, Rick?”

Rick eyed his former teacher. “Well, Mrs. Karrick, I caught this guy peeping into your window. When I yelled, he lost his balance and tumbled out of the tree.”

Mrs. Karrick blinked twice. “My window?”

Rick nodded and smirked. “We’ve had reports of someone peeping into windows at the nursing home, someone young. We’ve been stepping up patrols, and I happened to catch him.”

“Who was it?”

Rick flipped through his small notebook. “Looks like his name is Eric Gonter.”

“Eric? He’s in my History class! He seemed like such a nice boy.”

Rick nodded. “It also looks like he has a serious case of gerontophilia.” He shuddered at the thought.

Mrs. Karrick glared at her former student a moment, before turning and walking away. “Well, he was watching me, so he must have some taste,” she tossed over her shoulder, as her hips swayed a little bit more than before.


For We Drink Inspiration – Short Story Prompt #4. Don’t peep, people. It’s a violation of privacy and against the law.

From We Drink Because We’re Poets: I have recently discovered a page on Facebook I am in love with called Word Porn. This page features words that most have never heard of let alone used, words that are a joy to discover and even more of a joy to weave into everyday speech and writing.

Therefore, your challenge this week is to weave the following words – either one, or a combination of all – into your tale and show us what you can accomplish.

sithurism – the sound of the wind through the trees

apodyopsis – the act of mentally undressing someone

vagary – an unpredictable instance, a wandering journey; a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild, unusual idea, desire, or action

basorexia – the overwhelming desire to kiss


8 thoughts on “We Drink Inspiration-Short Story Prompt 4: Be Careful When You Look

  1. ha Oh this was very enjoyable. I love words and those are some I would have to really think about to use in a piece.

  2. The gerontophilia twist at the end is brilliant. So unexpected. Excellent job 🙂

    • Thank you! I wanted to distinguish the character from the run-of-the-mill peeping tom. When I decided it would be his teacher he was looking at, I just decided to go full force with it 😉

  3. Tee hee – young hormones at their best AND worst XD

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