Friday Fictioneers: The End Of The World

“Reyna? Reyna?” Cynthia stumbled around the park, hand trying to staunch the blood escaping from her torn cheek. She watched a young man, no more than a boy, jam an arm back on a fountaining stump. Over and over the two pieces of burned meat met, before he toppled over.

“Reyna? Why? God, why did this happen?” Cynthia tripped, tumbling to the ground. She glanced back to see a pair of brown boots without an owner.

She squirmed around, quivering hand outstretched. Sirens wailed closer, the air churning with reds and blues.

Her eyes blurred as the world ended on those boots.

Friday Fictioneers time! This week’s photo comes courtesy of Adam Ickes. Every week Rochelle posts a picture and nearly 100 writers put their own spin on it. Head over, read some great writers, and join in the fun.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn



25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The End Of The World

  1. 😦 Burned meat made me think of when I was a veterinary tech and surgery….*shivers*
    Very creative piece and think it was a wonderful take on the picture.

    • Thanks, Anja! I think I’ll leave the reference to veterinary surgery and burned meat alone. While intrigued, I get the feeling I truly don’t want to know 😉 Although, as I write this, images of how exactly those two things go together are racing through my mind. So, thank you for that. More fodder for future challenges!

      • ha I will give you a hint…we could use electric devices when cutting open an animal instead of using scalpels. It allows faster healing, much less bleeding and easier to stitch because it cauterizes. 🙂 Not too bad huh? But you can smell the flesh burn.

  2. Wow, vividly painted picture of the end of the world in just a few words! If nobody needs those boots …

  3. frightening and very vivid descriptions. well done 🙂

  4. Very descriptive! I can imagine that poor man in shock, not fully realising what has happened as he tries to reattach his unreattachable (is that a word?) arm.

  5. That was very graphic and powerful. Well done.

  6. Great job, Jeremy. I could unfortunately visualize it perfectly.


  7. Dark and powerful! This story and the imagery you’ve painted so clearly, really pack a punch. The sense of trauma and chaos really shine on the page.

  8. This was horrifying, hysteria in words! Great Job!

  9. Dear Jeremy,

    Horrifying and gory. Well done.



  10. Powerful and vivid writing!

  11. A rather grisly picture you painted with words. I had no trouble getting the graphic visual images. Good writing, Sir Jeremy.

  12. Erk-very gory and horrifying but real too-am sure none of us would like to see such a carnage!Wonder if there was a bomb blast or was it war?Terrific writing JM:-)

    • Thank you! I did have a bomb blast in mind when I wrote this, with her world ending when she recognized her daughters boots without her in them. Good catch and thanks for reading!

      • Oh,you did-that would have been really heart rending-I feel very sad when kids die-even if it is just a story!It is always a pleasure to read your work JM:-)

  13. Wow, the end of the world seems nasty. I think I’ll sit that one out. Great job on all the details and imagery of this.

  14. What great details on terror.. I can just imagine that last sight of the empty boots.. very vivid.

  15. Apocalypse boots – nicely written.

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