Trifecta Week 107: Another Fine Mess

The flash of light faded, leaving purple and red floating in Rick’s vision. He sank to his knees, the violent whatever-just-happened causing his lunch to fight its way to freedom. An echoing response made breakfast take part in the jailbreak.

He moaned and tipped over, careful to miss the putrid pool he’d created. He saw his friend, Terry, laying next to a similar puddle of treacherous meals. “Dude,” Rick croaked.

Terry lifted his arm, middle-finger extended. Rick decided that served as proof of life, and drifted into darkness.


Selena twirled around the pole with only her legs, hands moving in the intricate pattern of unhooking. Justin jumped on stage, blocking the view. “I got SWAG, bitch!”

Eyes snapped open, and crimson skies greeted Rick. He struggled to a sitting position, gazing in horror at the blue and yellow-leaved trees looming over indigo grass. He scrambled backwards until he bumped into Terry. “Dude!” He slapped him. “Terry! Wake up!”

Terry stirred. “Don’t tell me you had that stupid-ass Bieber dream again.”

“WAKE UP! ASSHOLE!” Terry jerked up and punched him. “Ow! Dick!”

“Well, what’s so damn important you had to wake me up?”

Rick pointed to the foliage and the sky. Terry’s jaw gaped open. “What did you do?”

“What did I do?” Rick sputtered. “You’re the douche that touched the globe, not me!”

Rick jumped up. “You always do this! First, it was that crazy goddess chick, now this.” He threw up his hands. “Screw this. I’m finding my way home by myself.” He stomped off to the edge of the treeline, but didn’t enter. He just stood, back turned and arms crossed.

Terry muttered, “I know what’ll melt that hard-ass of yours.” He pulled out his baggie and began to roll.

Rick’s shoulders relaxed as the sweet smell hit him. He stomped back over and held out his hand. After two puffs, he passed it back. “You’re still a dick.”

Terry just grinned as he took a drag.

photo credit: zzbaggins

Word Count: 332

Trifecta Time again! For those that follow my blog or participate in/follow the Speakeasy and Sunday Photo Fiction challenges, Rick and Terry will be familiar to you. For those that don’t, I invite you to click here for their first “adventure” and here for the immediate precursor to this week’s tale (and to follow my blog if you haven’t already done so 😉 ).

Stay tuned, for this is not the end of Rick and Terry.

This week’s challenge:

Create a 33-333 word story or poem using the third definition of:

MELT (transitive verb)

:  to reduce from a solid to a liquid state usually by heat
:  to cause to disappear or disperse
Head on over to Trifecta and read some great writers. Seriously, I’m humbled by how good some of these people are. Also, join in! It’s a great community and fun challenge.
Hope you enjoy!
Happy Reading and Writing!
J. Milburn

4 thoughts on “Trifecta Week 107: Another Fine Mess

  1. The dialogue is believable and reminiscent of conversations I heard from my guy friends in college 🙂

    • I work in a high school. The conversations I hear definitely help with the dialogue, even if they have to stop mid-sentence when they realize I’m standing there 😉

  2. I *love* their back-and-forth. It’s absolutely perfect. I’m going to have to go back and read the rest!

  3. I got swag, bitch. I’m still laughing about this. Great dialogue. Thanks for linking up.

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