Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t Touch!

37 12 December 8th 2013

Rick slowly swished the mop back and forth at his after-school job. His eyes alternated between the door and the glass globe filled with coruscating light in the middle of the lab.

“Something wrong, Rick?”

Rick jumped, whirling around to see a short, older woman in a lab coat. “No, Dr. Wren. Just waiting for my ride.”

“Well, just remember the rules of the lab. I’m off for some supper.”

His best friend, Terry, walked in just after Dr. Wren exited. “Dude! Look what I got!” A plastic baggie filled with Mary Jane flapped in his hands.

Terry’s attention turned to the glass globe. “What’s that?”

“Don’t touch that!”

Terry sneered at him. “Or what?”

His hand inched ever closer to the globe and Rick scurried over, grabbing his hand. The two wrestled for a bit, and Rick’s heart sank when he heard Dr. Wren’s voice. “I forgot my keys.”

Terry took advantage of the distraction to touch the globe while holding Rick’s arm. A bright flash filled the room and the two boys disappeared.

Dr. Wren grabbed her phone and dialed her boss. “General? Two idiots just touched the Dimensional Transporter. We’re going to have to move again.”

Word Count: 199

Sunday Photo Fiction

So, yet more thanks go out to Anja at Oh Pithy Me for leading me to this challenge. Click on her name for her entry this week.

Anyway, on to my entry for Sunday Photo Fiction. Some readers may be familiar with Rick and Terry. For those that aren’t, click here for another of their “adventures.”

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn

8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t Touch!

  1. Haha I love that 😀 I read their interaction with Hecate as well 😀 Thanks for taking part. Glad Anja led you to it

  2. Hello…..I have had a few notices of you finding new prompts. I loved this one. 🙂 About to read some more.

  3. Two fun characters, Rick and Terry. I enjoyed both stories!

  4. […] For those that don’t, I invite you to click here for their first “adventure” and here for the immediate precursor to this week’s tale (and to follow my blog if you haven’t […]

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