MindLovesMisery Prompt 33-Man Vs. Nature: Nature vs. Man

picture found at: Remove the Veil

The stout woman strode around the table, breasts swaying as she pointed at various areas on the globe sitting in the center. “Poseidon, I want storms and tidal waves in the Aegean. Throw in an earthquake if you’re feeling frisky, but don’t overextend your lines. Susano-o, I want the same in the Pacific. They keep killing whales and over-fishing. Stop them cold.”

“Yes, Mother Nature,” they echoed.

“Zeus? Zeus!” She reached over and cuffed the white-bearded god upside his head. “Quite eyeing that woman. She’s married to something called a quarterback. I don’t know what that is, but he’s referred to as a field general and I don’t want our hand tipped.”

Zeus lowered his eyes to stare at his sandaled feet, and muttered, “Maybe I could turn her to our side.”

“More likely you’ll just birth some monster…on second thought, go for it. But after your primary mission.” Mother Nature pointed to India, Australia, and the North American Midwest. “I want you and Thor to withhold the rain from these areas; give them a drought.”

Her hand moved to California and traced along the various mountain ranges. “Concentrate your storms on these areas, they’re prone to mudslides.”

Lightning flashed in the storm gods’ eyes as they said, “Yes, Mother Nature.”

Mother Nature turned to a plump women dressed in corn-silk and carrying a basket of vegetables. “Demeter, how goes the battle to cut their supplies?”

“Not as well as I’d hoped. They’re experimenting with bio-engineering their crops to be more resistant to my influence.”

Mother Nature frowned, the sound like an avalanche. “Don’t we have somebody for that?”

Demeter cast a quick glance at Zeus, before resuming her subservient gaze. “We did, but Prometheus went over to their side a long time ago.”

“Damn!” She rounded on Zeus. “Just couldn’t let it go, could you? Now look where we are!”

“Shouldn’t have taken my fire,” Zeus muttered under his breath.


“Nothing, Mother Nature.”

Mother Nature drew herself up to her full height, towering over her assembled troops. “I don’t think some of you realize what’s at stake here.” She pointed to the globe. “These…children are trying to kill me! They cut my forest-hair, bulldoze my skin…” Waterfalls poured from her eyes as she pointed to various glowing pockmarks on her body. “They scarred me for centuries. We are at war; a war I intend to win. Is that understood?”

The room full of gods spoke in one voice. “Yes, Mother Nature.”


This is my contribution for MindLovesMisery’s Prompt 33: Man vs. Nature, which I just found courtesy of Anja at Oh Pithy Me. Click on her name for her entry this week. To see more, click on the blog name. She’s a great writer and storyteller. You won’t be disappointed if you go.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


11 thoughts on “MindLovesMisery Prompt 33-Man Vs. Nature: Nature vs. Man

  1. Thank you so much for joining the prompt! I love what you’ve done here, the vivid details, the mix of mythologies, the personification of mother nature, retribution brilliantly entertaining

  2. This is just amazing and brilliant! To say I love it doesn’t begin to cover it. The images you created are wonderful and the emotions come through. I am thrilled you came over here and created this piece. This is one of my favorite prompt areas with so many talented writers….you will fit in perfectly. 🙂

    • Thank you and now I’m blushing 🙂 If you have any more prompt challenges, let me know. I’m always looking for more experience!

      • ha Really this was just wonderful but then again my ex always referred to me as a hippie…so I kinda love the earth and Mother Nature. 🙂
        I have been looking for some new ones as well. That is how I stumbled on d’verse. Sometimes I do The Mag…now I have to figure out which ones you are already doing. lol

  3. I am as the others are J, this held me captive. What an unusual and interesting take on the prompt, I sortta cringed when you said send drought to Australia ~ because we have enough to contend with, but this was very very cleverly written – thank you!

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