Genre Haiku-Epic Fantasy: Forging Bonds

picture credit: Innokenty Shevchenko

Earth soars below me

Training for war, we build bonds

Survival needs friends

This haiku is for Rob’s Surf Report’s Genre Haiku Challenge. This month’s genre is Epic Fantasy.

In Rob’s words: Epic fantasy is a subset of fantasy fiction that takes place in another world and is more or less epic in terms of the characters and themes. Let’s talk about that; is the setting medieval like Middle Earth, or a surreal Wonderland? In fact, the definition does little to constrain what seems to be a genre set in stone, so let’s go ahead and define epic fantasy through haiku. Dwarves and elves, or straight humans? Talking animals? Do the rules of society – or (dare I say it?) physics – conform to our sensibilities? Anything that lies in the realm of epic fantasy is haiku-spiration until the New Year brings us a new genre.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn


8 thoughts on “Genre Haiku-Epic Fantasy: Forging Bonds

  1. Awesome – “survival needs friends”. How true is that? Thanks for linking up. 🙂

  2. Nice! Thanks for the follow! ^..^ B

  3. ahhhh haiku….I will check out this prompt although I tend to run from haiku. I do like this one and fits fantasy very well. I think I have one more to read. lol

  4. […] Genre Haiku-Epic Fantasy: Forging Bonds ( […]


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