dVerse: Mad As A Hatter and March Hare

Felt and fumes all day long-both bending and twisting

    A god and                                                                  planet play

     10 shilling                                                                  half-guinea

cover up                                                                   time’s wrath

6:00! Now                                                               and forever

 March Hare                                                            straw bonnet

            Did you ever wonder about madness? Come join us for tea. My name is Hatta.

My first attempt at writing a poem for dVerse. Poetry is not my usual medium, as my attempt most likely points out quite painfully. But I started writing to challenge myself, not find myself stuck in a rut, so here I am. Comments and critiques are more than welcome.

This weeks challenge is to choose between two topics: Alice in Wonderland (or one of it’s characters) or Advent. See here for more on the rules.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn

18 thoughts on “dVerse: Mad As A Hatter and March Hare

  1. oh snap…surreal, a bit…a hint of madness for sure….ha. not sure i could turn down the invitation…very well played…

  2. awwww You are a newbie too. 🙂 I enjoyed it and you only showed up once on my reader this time. lol I missed the subtle hint of 19 times but once will have to be enough. 🙂

    • Since its a new genre for me, it must have been shy, like the first day at a new school. Maybe as it becomes more familiar with its new surroundings, it will become as bold as the upperclassmen 😉

      • hahaha and it is both of ours first day at school for this. 🙂

      • ah smiles… you don’t have to be shy… you did well… enjoyed the surreal character of it…and nice to meet you sir… i’m up for a cup of tea anytime you know…smiles

  3. Ha.. very nicely written.. sure a little hatter here..

  4. I like the format of the words ~ A bit maddening ~ Nice to meet you at D’verse ~

  5. An interesting take on it, for sure – great fun and don’t be shy!

  6. …love the last bit “March hare..straw bonnet” and the connection between ‘God and planet play’. Look forward to reading more 😉

  7. Found this maddening. Really fun reading!

  8. I think you did well with this attempt – the structure added to the ‘madness’ as my eyes went side to side. Welcome to DVerse, they are a wonderful group and you shall fit in just fine ~ smiles

  9. Your poem a hat or the frame of the hole to fall into =)

    • It was supposed to be hat, and it looked much better while writing it. Trying to get it to stay that way took about twenty minutes of fiddling around! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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