Friday Fictioneers: Seeking Redemption

Copyright -Randy Mazie

The smells of nature and despair war.

Bodies lay strewn on the floor; some insensate, others…I’m not so sure.

Glazed eyes track me. Whether they see me or some chemically induced monster, I don’t know.

The PI told me that Cindy calls this place “home.” I step over her…roommates, aiming for a certain pile of rags.

The pile stirs, sunken orbs struggling to focus. “Mama?” Cracked, blood-encrusted lips struggle to make the sound.

I didn’t protect her before. I will fix that, whatever the cost. “Time to come home, baby.” I reach out my hand and take her out of Hell.

Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers time! Head on over to Rochelle’s site and read some great writers. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to join in the fun. This week’s photo is provided by Randy Mazie at The Writer’s Village.

Happy Reading and Writing!

J. Milburn



24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Seeking Redemption

  1. Such a lot of layers to this. Well done.

  2. […] Seeking Redemption by Jeremy Milburn is a glimpse into Hell on earth, and a mother on a Dante-like quest to save her daughter. […]

  3. So well done, darling. The description of the mother’s descent into the hell of the drug den was harrowing, and the rescue heartbreaking.

  4. Wonderful and such an unexpected piece!!! Love it.

  5. wow. this is really well done.glad i got to read this.

  6. Very intense and powerful, Jeremy.


  7. i really like this one. very poignant.

  8. Dear Jeremy,

    There’s one very determined and courageous mother. Powerful Multi-layered with vivid description. This one will stay with me.



  9. Hope you both make it. Counselling prescribed. Riveting little story.

  10. This is almost like Orpheus going into Hades.. well done.

  11. A mother’s love knows no fear. Very well done story!

    • Thank you! I do have to admit I pictured her with a fair amount of guilt, but I do have the back-story in my head as well 😉 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  12. You paint a bleak and horrible picture so well it felt like my eyes had to tread carefully around your words. Wonderfully written!

  13. Outstanding writing, Jeremy. Like Rochelle, this one will stay with me.

  14. one of those things you read that affect you so emotionally you wish you hadn’t read it, but you also know you have to read it. well done.

  15. An amazingly powerful 100 words. Excellent!

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