Trifextra #91-H.B. just don’t give a damn

The whispers are loud and strident. My arm twitches, wanting to attack, but I reel it back. I just walk, not caring.

That happens when you have a honey badger for an arm.

Word Count: 33

Trifextra Time again! This weeks prompt is based off Roald Dahl’s poem The Tummy Beast. The challenge: use 33 words in poem or prose to describe a beast in an unusual place. My entry is just a light bit of silliness with the Honey Badger meme. Hope you enjoy it. Head on over to Trifecta and read the other entries. Maybe enter your own and join the fun!



15 thoughts on “Trifextra #91-H.B. just don’t give a damn

  1. God, that would be a rough arm to control!

  2. A big dog don’t need to bark. lol.

  3. The photos of how everyone else sees him and how he see’s himself are funny. (I have a feeling I could do something similar with how I am in the mornings…)

  4. *hahaha* That is kind of creepy. On a tangential subject, have you read the book Fuse by Julianna Baggot? YA dystopian sci-fi-ish book, but the premise is that after a huge cataclysm, folks ended up with weird things fused to their bodies – like a honey badger for an arm. (Or, in the case of the book, a dolls head. Or a flock of living birds fused to someone’s back.) It’s creepy and cool.

  5. Oh, I can visualise the movie: Honeybadgerman VS Batman 😀
    Cool piece!

  6. Love this. What a great idea. I think if I had a honey badger for an arm, I could get a lot of beer for free.

  7. This is terrific. I love the unexpected ending.

  8. Really creative take on the prompt!

  9. Weird and wonderful! Thanks for linking up!

  10. Very fun! I just now Googled the whole honey badger thing, I’ve never really understood all the “honey badger don’t care” references the last few years but always forgot I wanted to Google it! Now I won’t feel left out of the jokes anymore!

  11. A neat response and a hilarious photo!

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