Today’s Author WriteNow- 10-16

Dispatch: 911. What is the nature of your emergency?

Caller: Hello? Hello?

Dispatch: Yes, ma’am. What is the nature of your emergency.

Caller: Uh…my boyfriend. He won’t leave. He said he was leaving an hour ago, but he’s still standing in the driveway.

Dispatch: Is he threatening you?

Caller: No. We, uh, we had a fight. I told him to get out. Go back upstairs, Claire. Now!

Dispatch: Do you live at 716 Linden Drive?

Caller: What? Oh. Yes.

Dispatch: What is your name, ma’am?

Caller: Kelli.

Dispatch: Ok, Kelli. Is your door locked?

Caller: Yes, but he has a key. (unintelligible) Hey! I called the police! They’re on their way!

Dispatch: Kelli. Kelli! I’m going to have to ask you not to antagonize him.

Caller: Sorry. (unintelligible)…he doing? Oh, God!

Dispatch: Kelli, tell me what’s happening.

Caller: Claire! Lock your door and get in your closet! Oh, God! He has a gun!

Dispatch: Kelli, keep calm. Do you have an upstairs or room that can be locked?

Caller: (unintelligible) (crying sounds) He’s at the door! Oh, God! Please, help me.

Dispatch: Units are en route. Kelli, you need to find a place to hide.

Caller: Claire! What are you doing? I told you to hide upstairs! (scream) Oh my God, he’s inside. (male voice) Think you can (unintelligible)…me? (gunshots)

Dispatch: Kelli? Kelli!

Caller: (male voice) Kelli can’t come to the phone right now…You stay there, Claire! It’ll be alright. I wouldn’t hurt you.

Dispatch: Sir, what is your name?

Caller: Stop crying, Claire! What? Bobby.

Dispatch: Bobby, please put the weapon down. You don’t want to scare Claire, do you?

Caller: No. I love that little girl. I love Kelli. She was going to take her away from me. I…I just couldn’t let that happen. I (unintelligible)…I love her. What did I do?

Dispatch: Bobby, please. Is Kelli still breathing?

Caller: No. There…there’s so much blood. Oh, God, baby. I’m so sorry. What did I do? (scream)

Dispatch: Bobby? Bobby! I know this is hard, but I need you to put your weapon down and wait outside of the house. Can you do that, please?

Caller: I…I…(unintelligible) Claire? I’m so sorry. What’s that? Cops? I can’t go back to jail! I won’t go back. Don’t worry, Claire. I’m going to see Mommy and tell her I’m sorry. (gunshot) (girl screaming)

Dispatch: Bobby? Jesus. Bobby? (shouting) Claire! Claire! Can you hear me? Jesus, please be okay.

Caller: Dispatch?

Dispatch: Yes.

Caller: This is Officer Wheeler. Looks like the suspect killed…

Dispatch: Is Claire still in the room?

Caller: Christ. Jeffries, get the girl out of here! Snap to, rookie! Her name is Claire. Sorry. Jesus, this is a mess.

Dispatch: Ambulances are en route as is Social Services.

Caller: Good. Kid’s going to need it.

Dispatch: Is she hurt?

Caller: The kid? Not physically, no. She’s covered in blood, but it doesn’t seem to be hers.

Dispatch: Christ.

Caller: I know. Listen, my rookie’s getting sick. I need to go take care of the kid and secure the scene.

Dispatch: Take care of her, please.

Caller: Will do, Samantha. Sorry.

call ended

Well, my light-hearted interlude was certainly brief. All of two hours. This is my contribution to the Today’s Author WriteNow challenge for October 25. The prompt: He said he was going to leave an hour ago, but he’s still in the driveway.

Note: According to a “ten-code” list I found here a 10-16 is the code for a domestic disturbance. If you know of a different code, please let me know.

Comments, as always, are welcome.


One thought on “Today’s Author WriteNow- 10-16

  1. This is really very good. Suspenseful, and you kept my attention on full alert the whole way. Great job!

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