Friday Fictioneers-Black and White

dismantled keyboard

copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Tears filled my eyes as I surveyed the destruction. My mother’s china that she passed down to me lay broken and strewn. Our furniture, smashed and reeking of urine, sat piled like a macabre jigsaw puzzle in the middle of our living room. Thomas’ synthesizer, the one I had given him for our first anniversary, had been taken apart.

Thomas, sweet Thomas, just stared at the walls, covered in swastikas and hateful screeds by stunted minds. He sighed and walked away.

He came back with a bucket of water and a tool belt. “They won’t win. Let’s rebuild.”

Friday Fictioneers time again! This weeks prompt is the photo above. Follow the link or click the badge to head on over and read some great writers you may or may not know. Better yet, read great writers and join their ranks by entering your own creation.

Happy reading and writing!

J. Milburn


24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Black and White

  1. An inspiring reaction to an all too familiar occurrence. Well done.

  2. Great read, I particularly like the unbroken spirit.

  3. Out of the ashes… They only win if you let them and I can see Thomas is not going to let them. The hate came through loud and clear as did his resiliency. Just wondering where your header photo came from.


    • I’m not sure which photo you’re referring to. The photo came from the prompt and the badge I copied from the side of Rachel’s blog. If its my avatar, then I just searched for medieval knight pictures and wrote Douzeper Press across one I liked, mostly because Douzeper is the main character of an experiment of mine. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • The one at the top with the fire.

      • Or, since my brain just caught up to me, if it’s the explosive battle, then I just looked it up. Mainly because I had intended to write mostly adventure. These challenges have forced me to stretch in a different direction. Hope my rambling answered the question 😉 The perils of writing with a foggy brain.

  4. If I tell you that was awful, please understand I’m referring to the content and not the writing.

  5. Nicely written piece, well done.

  6. Dear Jeremy,

    The first thing I thought of was a modern day Cristalnacht. A moving story.



  7. Dear Jeremy,

    There’s a lot said here between the lines. I find myself wondering why these people have been the target of such blatant hatred. We could all fill in that blank with any number of minorities, couldn’t we? Although with the swastikas I’m guessing a Jewish couple. Graphic and well done, sight, sound and scent.



    • Honestly, I had in mind a mixed racial couple being hounded by skinheads, but you’re absolutely right. The sad truth is this story lends itself to filling in the couple with any number of groups or cultures. Thanks for reading and congrats on running the show for a year!

  8. So powerful in such a short space and ending on a lovely hopeful note.

  9. Get Thomas to give me a call and we’ll all come around with our paint and rollers and toolkits (and guns and booby-traps for the next time!).

  10. This is how to deal with hatred.. rebuild and go on… but it’s sad—-

  11. I love the resiliency of your characters!

  12. A terrible thing to happen, but at least they’re not going to let it beat them.
    And thanks for the new word – I had to Google “screed”!

  13. Such violation… you’ve captured it well. My stomach clenched at the scene.

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