Trifextra #90: Uncertainty

We eat breakfast mechanically, taking only sustenance. Late nights have taken their toll, weighing down our souls.  Our son smiles from the pages of the paper.

The headline reads: “Have you seen me?”

Word Count: 33

Trifextra Time! This weeks prompt: Use 33 words to describe what scares you (or your character). This is my fear, and one I hope I never have to face.

Head on over to Trifecta and check out the other entries, and enter something yourself if the mood strikes you.

Happy reading and writing!

J. Milburn








17 thoughts on “Trifextra #90: Uncertainty

  1. Wow, this mom certainly felt that emotional punch. Deeply moving.

  2. Emotional punch indeed. Wow. Definitely a terrifying thought as a parent.

  3. Wow. Your word choice here is perfect. Wonderfully executed. Scary indeed. Thanks for linking up and don’t forget to come back and vote!

  4. This is an excellent piece, i like the different levels at which the final sentence can be taken.

  5. God, this hit me hard! The continuous loss mixed with uncertainty is lethal fear.

  6. This would be absolutely terrifying. Well done, well done.

  7. Oh wow. This is so well written. You’ve captured a real-life terror perfectly. Excellent take on the prompt!

  8. This is heartbreaking.

  9. I can imagine the skip of heartbeat seeing the face of one’s child in that context. Well done

  10. You perfectly captured a profound horror.

  11. My heart ached reading this….growing up lath-key…mom working graveyard…then imagining my future child lost and alone…amazingly effective, sad , true, and beautiful…wonderful take on the prompt friend.

  12. I don’t have children, but I certainly felt the pain in your writing.

  13. Wow that was a lot of emotion and punch in just 33 words. Very well done.

  14. Just went to check both bedrooms. Thanks for that.
    Really. Terrifying.

  15. Perfect picturization of the worst fear…your words weighing the exact measure of utter despair. Well executed. Haunting image. Congrats on your win !

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