Trifecta Challenge Week 99-Party!

“Did you have a good time, baby?” Joel held Karen’s shoulders to steady himself as he staggered down the street after a night of clubbing.

“You’re just lucky I love…” Thumping music cut off her words. An effeminate man, surrounded by women with grape-vines woven in their hair, screamed and danced their way down the street.

Karen groaned. “It’s Bacchus and his maenads. We need to leave!”

Joel blinked owlishly. “Why?”

“You never studied. A Bacchanalia drives women to madness. They tear apart any man they come acr…”

Joel glanced at Karen. Her eyes glazed over.

Tinged with madness.

Word count: 99

It’s Trifecta time again! This weeks challenge is a bit different. The story needs to be exactly 99 words and any word and definition from the 99th page of the OED. I decided to use three because why not? It’s a theme thing.

Just a note: I know Karen mixed in Greek with her Roman, which is a no-no, but she was terrified. Please be understanding. Intellectual understanding doesn’t always equate to being prepared when you meet the real thing. 😉

Please head over to the Trifecta blog and read the entries. Great writers take part, so you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy. (Psst, I also hear they’re giving away swag this time, and not the lame Justin Bieber-type of swag, so be sure to enter yourself).

Happy reading and writing!

J. Milburn


36 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge Week 99-Party!

  1. I enjoyed reading, and I didn’t mind that she mixed in Greek with Roman, I quite liked her 🙂 I liked how you worked in multiple words into the piece. Nicely done

  2. Great fun.. I guess Joel is going to pieces over her.

  3. Maenads for the win! Excellent word choices and story! Great work!

  4. Oh! I wrote about Bacchus and Maenads myself… 🙂
    Very well-written…

  5. Uh-oh. This doesn’t look good for Joel!

  6. I forgive Karen her no-no because this was so entertaining 😉

  7. Neat write and I loved your humorous footnote!

  8. This was entertaining to read and I liked how you used three of the dictionary words. Well done!

  9. Oooh! I really liked this! I used “Bacchus” too, but yours has a delightfully wicked tone! Nice work. 🙂

  10. Extra points for 3 prompt words! Works really well. Love the last three ominous words. Great ending! Thanks for linking up and tell everyone to join us for our 99th!

  11. Haha! I bet he’s hoping for a different kind of madness…

  12. Oh this was fun and so well written, it felt like a mini movie. I loved how he blinked, owlishly , what a great description.

  13. Well, at least Joel had a fun last night alive. 🙂

    Great job with the prompt!!

  14. Poor Joel.

  15. Poor Joel, asking why…he knows the answer by now, I’m guessing…
    This really was fantastic writing!

  16. Girls are crazy.

  17. Nice! I love the idea of bringing the ancient myths to the modern day. And I thought your rationalization of Karen’s mixing languages was brilliant. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, if I were in Karen’s shoes, I’m pretty sure my response would by “guh, bluh, uh, RUN!” That she managed to hold it together long enough to identify the problem is a testament to her cool-headedness. Besides, Greek/Roman is like chocolate/peanut butter for me! 😉

  18. That was a new story to me totally. Enjoyed the thriller ride.

  19. Ah,this Joel not only did not read,seems to be a drunken fool too,lol!Enjoyed this tale -admirable use of the prompt word(s) 🙂

  20. Entertaining and left me wondering.

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