After the cleanup and reports to the FBSA, everyone came to Boost’s place for a post-battle party. They’re inside now, relieving the stress and combating the adrenaline crash that comes along with any powered fight.

I don’t feel like celebrating.

Not that I don’t appreciate the save or the fact that Boost ran to St. Louis to gather the K.O.G (Keepers of the Gateway for those naughty people not reading my previous posts). I just don’t count this a win. Two teens and an innocent mother are dead. A billionaire government contractor hates my guts. I (well, Utu) aged a woman 40 years in a moment.

Call me crazy, but I fail to see the victory.

Maybe I just have the post-battle blues…

voice identified as Maria Acevedo

Maria: “I’d say you probably do. Mind if I sit? It’s getting a little loud in there and Reyna needs some air.”

“Feel free.”

Maria: “Thanks. So, you blogging right now?”


Maria: “It’s a good way to get your feelings out there. It can help you sort things out.”


Maria: “Ha! From what Tara says, I expected a bit more conversation. By the way, I think she’s hot as well.”

“Uh-uh…you see, what had happened was…”

Maria: “Relax! I’m just yanking your chain and trying to get you to open up a bit. You aren’t the first fan of my wife. I think FastTrack actually cried a little when he found out she wasn’t into guys.”

“Heh. The great thing about fantasy is anything’s possible.”

Maria: “There you go! Here hold Reyna for a bit.”

“I don’t know nothing about holding no babies.”

Maria: “Here hold your arm like this so you support her head. Good. Now just cradle her…good. She’s smiling. She likes you.”

“Or it’s just gas.”

Maria: “Probably. Listen, I want to thank you.”

“For what?”

Maria: “I know she was a victim, and a young girl, but she had been turned into a vampire. If you hadn’t…done what you did, Tara would more than likely have ended up facing her. She would have hurt people, maybe my family. So…thank you.

“You know, if you’re not careful, you might take your wife’s place in my dreams.”

Maria: “Now I know you’ve been out here by yourself too long. Come on back in with everyone.”

sound identified as incoming call

sound identified as sighing

“It’s my agent, Sandy. I should take this. Here’s Reyna.”

Maria: “I’ll wait.”

“Hey, Sandy.”

transcript of call added to record

Sandy: Dee, you about done up there?”

Douzeper: I am done. What’s up?

Sandy: There’s some government guy who won’t tell me who he works with asking about you.

Douzeper: Any idea what he wants?

Sandy: He said it has something to do with Julie, but won’t tell me any details.

third voice identified as Maria Acevedo, added to transcript

Maria: You all right, Douzeper?

Sandy: Who was that?

Douzeper: Maria Acevedo.

Sandy: Boost’s wife? Hey, ask her if she would like new represen…

Douzeper: Focus, Sandy. The agent. Julie. Did it seem urgent?

Sandy: Sorry. Yeah, he seemed really upset when you weren’t here.

Douzeper: I’ll be back later tonight. Did he leave a number?

Sandy: Yeah.

Douzeper: Do me a favor and tell him I’ll meet him at my office tomorrow morning at 10:00.

Sandy: Will do. Later.

Douzeper: Thanks. Bye.

end added transcript

Maria: “Is everything okay?”

“Knowing my life, I doubt it.”

Until next time,




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