Family Business

The Crimson Doctor ripped off the candy-cane striped wrapping like an eager five-year-old. The box proved no match for his need. He pulled out the paper covering the prize inside. “Aw, sweetheart, a quantum accelerator,” he said. “However did you know?”

His wife, Silver Slayer, beamed at him. “You dropped enough hints, dear. Like when you said, ‘I want a quantum accelerator for Christmas, sweetheart.'”

“Ha! I suppose I did.” He looked around the lair, decorated with garland and paper snowflakes covering various death rays, supercomputers, and robotic servitors. He loved this time of year. “It’s Jenny’s turn,” he said.

He grabbed a box bigger than his seven-year-old daughter, covered in Winnie the Pooh wrap. He set it down in front of his tousle-haired gem. “Here you go, baby.”

Slayer rubbed his shoulder with her hand, and he grabbed it, giving it a quick peck as Jenny tore the wrapping paper off. His daughter didn’t appear to have his genius or her mother’s physical talents, but she was his daughter. He loved her no matter her deficiencies.

The box said the construction set was only a toy, but the inventor had big plans for it anyway. A few gears, wiring, and a cold-fusion core would give his gem the greatest play-set known to humanity. Powerful enough to crush those children that tormented his little baby at school and made her come home crying.


A few hours later, the robotic servitors cleaned the lair of the discarded wrapping and boxes. Jenny had taken her construction set to her room to tinker with it a bit. The Crimson Doctor and Silver Slayer sipped hot toddies, planning their next job. The Legendary needed a lesson in humility, after he finished with his daughter’s play-set.

A tiny voice interrupted their chatting. “Daddy, Mummy, I think we need to talk,” Jenny said. She pointed a contraption created out of the piping from her set, along with various wires…and his quantum accelerator. “I need a raise in my allowance.” She fired her device and vaporized one of the robotic servants.

“I’m thinking a full third of the take from all jobs.” She smiled sweetly at her parents as she menaced them with her rifle.

The Crimson Doctor and Silver Slayer raised their hands and looked at each other. As one they turned to their little girl and said, “We are so proud of you right now.”


This story was inspired by Today’s Author: Write Now prompt for October 1st. If anyone is interested the link is:


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