The Feds Send A Visitor

Hey all. This is Stephanie aka Lady Aether (my brand-spanking new super-name. Like it?). Douzeper is taking his shower before we head over to Torrie’s apartment and has no idea I’m doing this. So, sssshhhhh!

I have to tell you, he is really taking Torrie’s death pretty hard. If he wasn’t friends with Stargazer, I don’t know if I’d want to be around him in this mood.

To tell the truth, I’m kind of wondering what I’m doing here anyway. I’ve never been in a powered battle before today and Douzeper is out for blood. I’m thinking I should have stayed at school and maybe done some research at most.

Oh, well. I’m here now and might as well make the best of it, even if he does act like a jackhole (seriously, this swear replacement thing kills me-in a good way). I think I might ask Stargazer if she can make me one of these.

So we have a missing girl, Lisa, the most powerful magic-user in the world foisting the case on a low-power Empowered, necromantic magic, and a flying bully with delusions of relevance and a team of sycophants. I am so making Douzeper buy me dinner for helping.

sound identified as knocking

Who in the world could that be? Maybe it’s the guy who owns this place and he and I can have a discussion about washing…everything in this room.

Oh, smurf.


Douzeper: “What?”

“You need to get out here! Like now!”

Douzeper: “I only have a towel on!”

“I don’t care, and I don’t think our visitor cares either!”

Douzeper: “Fine.”…”What are you doing?”


Douzeper: “Why do you have my glasses and communicator on? Are you-are you on my blog?”

“Never mind that! Boost is outside!”

Douzeper: “Boost?”

“Pick your jaw off the floor and answer the door! And quit glaring at me like that!”

Douzeper: inaudible whisper “You and I are going to have a discussion about personal property, young woman.”

“Whatever. You’re like five minutes older than me.”

Douzeper: “Gimme that!”

Better. sound identified as door opening

“So, Boost is it? What can I do for you?”

Boost: “The local FBSA office called me. Are you two the ones that took part in a skirmish at Abbott Park earlier this evening.”

“Um. No?”

“Wow. You even roll your eyes at super-speed, huh? Okay, yes. Why?”

Boost: “Care to explain what happened?”

“Sure. Aeromancer got all butt-hurt over the fact he couldn’t beat a confession out of me for something I didn’t do and decided on some payback.”

Boost: “Is that the whole reason?”

“I might have beat the snot out of him for his presumption and threatened to kill him if he didn’t retire. It was really quite minor.”

Boost: sound identified as a sigh “I need the two of you to come with me to the FBSA and file a report. The Preservers aren’t quite able to talk just yet.”

“May I get dressed first?”

Boost: “Please do.”

“Well, come on in. It isn’t much, but a least it’s filthy…I mean free.”

Boost: “I have to admit. I’m a bit surprised. Most people try to fight their way out.”

“You could punch me two hundred times before I could say “Ow!”, plus we were defending ourselves, so there’s really no reason to fight. Be right back out.”

Oh my Utu! I am so fan-boying out right now. Imagine a 5’9 athletic Latina, her silky black hair flowing out of her half-mask, brown eyes you can drown in, and a skin-tight blue and white outfit.

I love Jules, but Boost has been a secret crush of mine for years. Of course, even if she weren’t married or gay, she would be so far out of my league I might as well be a T-Ball player trying to hit a Major League 95-mph fastball.

sound identified as knocking

Boost: “Not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, but could you hurry up a bit? I’d like to tuck my daughter in tonight. And who are you talking to?”

Oh…flit. Remind me to beat myself into unconsciousness later. Preferably over my open grave so I can be buried right away.

Until next time,



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