Character Sketch-Tony Abbatiello

Antonio “Tony Quick-fingers” Abbatiello is a 24-year-old low-level soldier for the de Rossi Family. He likes the power and fear that his position brings him. Tommy works mostly in collections, a euphemism for shaking down fools that welsh on debts owed to the family. He also engages on other low-level racketeering schemes such as extortion, blackmail and “protection” schemes.

Oddly enough, he legitimately protects those businesses he shakes down. He will track down and exact retribution on anyone who robs a business under his “protection”.

Tommy favors Gucci track-suits with gold chains because that fits his image of what a made-man should wear. He always wears a Browning Hi-Power 9mm given to him by the Consigliere that brought him into the Family.

He is loyal to the Family, but less so to the individuals that comprise that family. If the opportunity came up to advance by someone above him having an “accident”, he would have no qualms about arranging such.

4 thoughts on “Character Sketch-Tony Abbatiello

  1. Okay mate, I’ve just searched through your archives, high and low looking for more ‘double-barrel to the face Tony’, Nada. He’s good, grows on you. We know how he died; give us some more of how he lived. I’ll be back. Your stuff is allround cool. Cheers.

  2. […] This story comes from a request by lexborgia at Nerd On The Bridge. He liked the character of Tony Abbatiello and wanted more of his life. I figured where better to start than the beginning of his career. For the story of Tony’s demise click here. For his character sketch, click here. […]

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